Monday, October 26, 2009

Sister Hazel Storm New York

"Thank you for braving the elements tonight!" Sister Hazel frontman Ken Block told the audience at Irving Plaza. Block was talking to the hundreds of fans who stormed New York's mini monsoon Saturday night to come see Sister Hazel play, along with fantastic openers Pat McGee, at the legendary NYC venue.

And SH rewarded their fans well: rocking tons of hits from their 15-year catalog, including "Happy," "Champagne High," and "Release," off of their latest album of the same name.

"I love that you guys sing along, whether it's a song you heard on the radio or track seven off disk four," Block candidly told the crowd.

"All For You" certainly belongs in the former group, as it peaked at #11 on the Billboard 100 Chart back in 1997, and skyrocketed the band from obscurity to fame.

Check out a chunk of the performance below, brought to you by the kind folks at Poison Ivy!

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