Thursday, November 26, 2009

John Mayer Visits Tim Burton Exhibit at Museum of Modern Art

We could have spent a week at Tim Burton's new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.

Especially since it was the site where we ran into our favorite singer-songwriter and David Letterman rock god John Mayer!

Mayer told Poison Ivy that he sincerely enjoyed the exhibit, and asked if we'd be blogging about his appearance there.

"Can you tell everyone that I'm a captivating guy?" he joked. "Also, taller in person."

Yes, Mayer was both tall and captivating, but before anything, a nice dude!!

We were relieved - we'd heard otherwise - and still have been worshiping his music, especially latest record Battle Studies.

The Burton exhibit was everything we hoped for and more.

Burton original paintings (like "Blue Girl With Wine," pictured above) hung on the walls next to hand-drawn sketches of Edward Scissorhands and collectibles from Burton's flicks.

Items included everything from the metal razors from Sweeney Todd to the Catwoman suit from Batman Returns to the headless horseman cape from Sleepy Hollow!

And of course, the room was filled with bizarre pieces like "funhouse panels," handwritten poems with figurines, and Burton's signature black and white swirls.

The exhibit will be available until April 26, 2010, so be sure to check it out!

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