Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mae Address Stolen Van at Irving Plaza Show: "We Almost Didn't Make It Here"

Less than 48 hours ago, indie rockers Mae awoke at a tour stop in Philadelphia to learn that their van, instruments, equipment and merchandise had been stolen from their hotel parking lot.

"We almost didn't make it here," frontman Dave Elkins told the audience at Irving Plaza Friday night, their second show since the incident. "But we thought, how in the world could we not play New York City?"

So Mae took the high road: playing to New York for nearly two hours, including songs like "Suspension," "Breakdown," Embers and Envelopes," "The Everglow," all while borrowing instruments from their friends in opening bands Deas Vail and Jenny Owen Youngs (who reminded us so much of a younger Jenny Lewis.)

Check out a snippet of Poison Ivy's favorite Mae tune, "Suspension," below.

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