Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Maine Talk New Record, John O'Callaghan's "Arrest," and Filming My Super Sweet 16

It's two hours before Arizona-based rockers The Maine will be on stage at New York's Nokia Theatre Tuesday night, and guitarist Garrett Nickelsen and drummer Pat Kirch are standing in front of Junior's Times Square talking about the band's forthcoming record.

"We have like 30 songs," Kirch says, adding that the band is "going to take our time with this one."

The Maine say they expect to start recording sometime in early 2010, and have no doubt that the sound will be their own.

"It'll be metal!" Nickelsen jokes, before transitioning into a more serious topic: the now-infamous "arrest" of singer John O'Callaghan.

"He wasn't actually arrested," says Kirch, clearing up the YouTube controversy.

"John was signing [autographs] in the street with a bunch of kids around him, and the cop got an ego trip and threw him against the tree and put him in handcuffs. They let him go like five minutes later," Kirch explains.

"People with cameras made it look more fierce than it actually was," Nickelsen adds.

"As [John] says, he was 'cuffed, not booked'."

But the band maintains they're not too worried about what people tell them to do. Just look back to their appearance on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 last year.

"MTV was trying to get a juicy story out of us," Kirch says. "They were like trying to get us to say stuff that wasn't true, but we weren't doing that. I was bummed when I watched the show cause they like made it sound like [the 16-year old] was this bitch."

"The girl was super nice," Nickelsen adds. "Instead of getting a present, she gave $25,000 to a charity. MTV didn't show that."

By Courtney Atias

[Photo by Danielle Zfat]

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