Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Rock Motorola Droid Launch in NYC

Don't get us wrong: we love Mac. In fact, we're typing this post from our beloved G5 right now. But anyone who argues that the keyboard on their iPhone is "sleek" or even remotely usable is a bullshit artist.

"I don't mind not having a flash!"


Motorola has tapped into these glitches by creating the Droid, their new, virally-campaigned, interchangeable-batteried, touchscreen-with-full-keyboard "anti-iPhone" with five-megapixel camera and flash, which came out Friday exclusively through Verizon Wireless.

So you can imagine our excitement when we were invited to their launch party Friday night at New York's Angel Orensanz Foundation! Especially when we found out Yeah Yeah Yeahs were playing!!!

It was our first time seeing the YYYs, and Karen O absolutely killed it. The frontlady rocked "Shame and Fortune," "Gold Lion," "Soft Shock," "Black Tongue" and tons of other songs, while cryptic "DROID DOES" signs flickered in the background.

Check out a glimpse of the magic (which includes Karen performing in the audience and eating her microphone), below.

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  1. The magic of music cannot be seen in other activities. This is my opinion.


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