Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aretha is Having the Best Week Ever!

Aretha Franklin is having the best week ever!!!

First, the Queen of Soul celebrated her 67th birthday Wednesday at Seldom Blues in Detroit with a cake in the shape of the infamous bow she wore at Obama's inauguration!

Then, it was announced that Franklin will be honored with a lifetime achievement award at this year's NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund dinner.

U go, girl!

Lily Takes London

Lily Allen may not be the authority on class, when it comes to stage design, the girl delivers!

Allen goes neon during a beautifully set concert in London Friday.

We love it!

Exit the King Opens to Rave Reviews

It was a star-studded night Friday, as Lauren Ambrose, Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush performed their opening night of Exit the King, the absurdist broadway comedy of a 400-year-old king with a crashing empire.

The New York Times called Rush's performance a "knockout," while Goldie Hawn came out to celebrate her Banger Sisters co-stars debut!

Congrats, u guys!

Top Chef Hits New York

It's a great day to be a New Yorker!!!!!

Top Chef's 21-city tour hit the big apple this weekend, offering on-site tastings, food talk and advice from Season 5 winner Hosea Rosenberg!

After whipping up some curry shrimp with jasmine rice for visitors, Rosenberg dished about his plans for the future.

"I will open a restaurant, but probably not until the end of the year," the chef said. "I want to do food festivals and events like this first."

Lucky for us!

Jordin Sparks Looking Splendid

Jordin Sparks showed up at VH1's "One Splendid Evening" Thursday looking ravishing and slim!!!

Perhaps getting in shape for her upcoming Jonas Brothers tour???

John Mayer Goes Sailing

"I'm getting my bikini wax for the Mayercraft Carrier," John Mayer Tweeted Friday, before his annual four-day cruise from L.A. to San Lucas, Mexico.

Cute outfit J, but what are you going to do this year to top the Borat mankini???

Ashlee and Pete 'Fornicate' at MTV Awards

Ashlee Simpson joined husband Pete Wentz onstage during the MTV Australia Awards Friday night for a very long and very public makeout sesh.

"Sorry, we haven't seen each other in awhile," Wentz apologized, before the couple exited the stage holding hands. "We're going to go and find some quiet time and fornicate somewhere."

I guess this clears up all those rumors of turmoil?

T.I. Sentenced to One Year in Prison

T.I. has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison, stemming from a felony weapons charge in October 2007.

The Grammy-winning rapper, who has sought to reform his image in recent months by performing community service and speaking to students about his mistakes, will also be required to attend drug counseling, DNA testing and random searches following his sentence.

Beyonce Covers Alanis

Check out Beyonce's rocking cover of Alanis Morisette's "You Oughta Know" at her concert in Edmonton Thursday night!!!

We love the headbang, B!!

Method Man Forgets to Pay Back Taxes Because He Got High

Method Man has an unusual explanation for why his 2008 Lincoln Navigator was almost repossessed last year.

"Because I got high, I forgot to pay [back taxes]" MM says.


That's when the state Department of Taxation showed up at the rapper's door at 6 a.m. on March 19, threatening to repossess his car.

"It was stupid," MM concludes. "I'm an idiot for that."

Thanks for the honesty!!

Rachel Zoe to Start Clothing Line

Our favorite celebrity stylist (and Poison Ivy reader) Rachel Zoe is starting her own clothing line!

Says the Zoe-han:

"It will be absolutely, 100% accessible fashion for sure -- for everybody. There's no reason for me to do a luxury-level design... I don't think that's what people want from me."

In addition to clothes, Zoe promises to manufacture bags, jewelry and perfume for her loyal followers.

We can't wait!

Friday, March 27, 2009

China's Fashion Week

China's 2009 Fashion Week can be summarized in three words:




Nice, Jewish Boy

What a guy!

Zac Efron gives fans some love upon returning to his London hotel Wednesday.

Next time, no shades, k Z??? 

Quote of the Day

"A size zero? I've never heard of that. That didn't exist when I was growing up. When did that start? What does it mean?"

-The fabulous and healthy Heidi Klum

Tina Turner Takes Dublin

Tina Turner, who will turn 70 this year!!!!, played Dublin last night on her Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour.

We could only wish to look half as good at her age!!!!!!

An Unlikely Friendship

The Hills Audrina Patridge and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz hang out before co-hosting the MTV Australia Awards Thursday in Sydney.

We can't at all imagine what these two would have to talk about!

Who the F is this?

Why it's 2008's Miss Teen USA Stevi Perry!

Don't worry, she's 18!!!

Stevi has pursued a career in acting and modeling following her win last year, doing some guest spots on Days of our Lives and other soaps.

Here she is, doing her part at the 14th Annual Gen Art Film Festival on Wednesday in New York.

Keep making us proud, S!!

Michael Sarver Eliminated on American Idol

Stevie Wonder hijacked American Idol Thursday night, performing a slew of rocking hits: "My Cherie Amor," "Superstitious," "Overjoyed," and "All About the Love Again." 

Motown Week mentor Smokey Robinson also showed up, only his performance was a snoozefest duet with Joss Stone, while season two winner Ruben Studdard sang some song that made him sweat like a hostage.

At the end of the night, though, the lights went down as always, and oil rigger Michael Sarver was eliminated.

"Now I have to sing after Stevie, oh crap," Sarver said, before singing a rendition of "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by the Temptations that had the judges considering the use of their veto.

Scott Macintyre and Matt Giraud joined the eliminated Sarver in the bottom three, making us again wonder, who is the world is voting for Megan Joy???

Let's get it right America!!

Duffy Plays Sydney

The gorgeous Duffy performs at the Sydney Opera House in Australia Wednesday.

We gotta say....

Her hair is rocking these days!

Christian Siriano Launches Maternity Line

Season four Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has created the fiercest maternity line ever.

"Fierce Mamas," a new imprint of his Moody Mamas collection, includes dresses, lounge wear and even nursing wear for the couture-conscious pregnant woman.

The feather-adorned gowns go for about $150, and the website offers a size indicator, sorted by month of course!

Check out the full collection here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Man Charged with Stalking Shawn Johnson

A man following 17-year old Olympic gold medalist and current Dancing with the Stars contestant Shawn Johnson has been charged with one felony count of stalking and two misdemeanor counts of carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle.

In addition to a gun, police reports state that Robert O'Ryan, 34, had duct tape and love letters in the car he drove from Florida to Los Angeles' ABC studio, where he tried to jump a security fence.

Police also informed Johnson's mother, Teri, that O'Ryan "believed he was meant to have a child with her daughter."

How disturbing!

"Shawn is 17, but she is mature and feeling very comfortable before she feels that everyone has handled this mater quickly and efficiently across the board," her attorney Phillip Cohen said today, adding that Johnson has since returned to DWTS practice. 

Flo Rida Linked to Alleged Animal Cruelty Incident

Two people are claiming that they witnessed two men on rapper Flo Rida's tour bus kill a rabbit and then drive away in Lexington, Kentucky Wednesday.

It's not clear if Flo Rida was involved in the incident, but animal-control officers are now searching for the bus so they can investigate.

Meanwhile, Flo has released a statement denying the allegations.

Says Flo:

"While no one in my aprty was in any way involved in any incident, the media report I saw was sickening. As an animal lover, I would never want to see cruelty inflicted upon them."

Prince Debuts New Jam on Tonight Show

Prince visited The Tonight Show Wednesday for night one of a three-night stand.

Each night, the legend plans to debut one tune from each of his upcoming three discs, and last night brought us "Old School Company" off of Mplsound.

What did u think of the tune???

Britney's Roadies Arrested

Two members of Britney Spears' road crew on her Circus tour were arrested Wednesday night after allegedly trying to fight police officers.

According to police reports, Rockey Dickey (right) punched a random guy in the face, and then took a swing at a cop who was trying to intervene. That's when Alex Montes (left) put the MF cop into a headlock!!!

Those country boys don't play around!!

Dickey and Montes were charged with criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Dickey was additionally charged with simple assault and resisting arrest.

Padma, the Face of Carl's Jr.?

Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi is the new face of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's burger joints, and doesn't hesitate for a second to film a softcore porn in her new ad for them.

Check it out above.

We're know what we're having for dinner!

Bob Barker Returns to The Price is Right

Bob Barker will be returning to The Price is Right for one day on April 16 to promote his new autobiography, Priceless Memories.

Barker hosted the hit CBS game show for over 35 years before Drew Carey took over in February 2008.

Good to have you back, BB!

Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro to Play Three Stooges

Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro have been cast in the upcoming Farrelly Brothers adaptation of The Three Stooges.

Penn will play Larry, Del Toro will play Moe, and (no surprise) Carrey will play Curly.

Production will reportedly take place this fall, with a 2010 release scheduled.

Who the F is this?

Her name is Lisa Jay.

Jay is a perfect combination between Milla Jovovich and Kristen Stewart!!

Don't u think???

The actress is getting ready for production on her latest flick, Spring Break '83, alongside Jamie Kennedy and John Goodman.

Best of luck, L!

Kanye Plotting World Tour

Kanye West is plotting an international tour with the same folks who brought us his most recent Glow in the Dark Tour

Says West, of Glow in the Dark:

"The last one was done because I didn't feel like doing a rap show, because of all I was going through in my life. All I felt like was playing with Star Wars' [toys] and being Luke Skywalker. So I figured you know, 'I'll do a rap s how if I can just be like Luke Skywalker every night.' And so I just wrote my own sci-fi and played in it."

The tour is set to hit Europe this summer and the U.S. this fall. 

Quote of the Night

"I got six words for you: one of the best performances of the night." 
-The math-unconscious Kara Dioguardi following Adam Lambert's outstanding performance on Tuesday's Idol

Jude Law Recedes From the Union

Oh, man.

Jude Law, just 36, shows off a serious receding hairline in London Tuesday.

What happened, J??

Did all those women problems take a toll???

Anna Does Wall Street

It's a great day to be a New Yorker!!!

Pro tennis player and model Anna Kournikova rings the New York Stock Exchange opening bell Tuesday.

If she can't stimulate the economy, no one can!!!

The Shins Hit the Road

Indie rock band The Shins have announced a 12-city tour this May, kicking off May 2 in Bellingham, WA and closing out May 18 in New York City.

The tour is the first since the band left their label Sub Pop in June 2008 for singer James Mercer's own label Aural Apothecary.

You can check out a full list of dates here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simon Cowell Denies Obama for Dinner

On Tuesday's Tonight Show, American Idol's Simon Cowell revealed that he recently denied a dinner invitation from President Barack Obama.

Said Cowell:

"He wanted to do eight, I was free at nine and we just didn't quite connect."
Good to know you treat everyone like shit, not just AI contestants!

Update: Simon Cowell stated on March 26's episode of American Idol that the statements he made about snubbing Obama for dinner on The Tonight Show were "a joke," although, upon playback, he seemed awfully serious!!

Timbaland Suing His Label

Mastermind Timbaland is suing his record label, Blackground Entertainment, for reportedly trying to sabotage his career as a producer. Timbaland began at the label as a performer, and claims the label wasn't thrilled about his attempt to cross over into producing.

Timbaland also claims that the label owes him money, and is seeking to be released from his contract with them.

Blackground reached its peak in the mid-90's, signing prominent artists such as Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Ginuwine and Timbaland.

Vans Warped Tour 2009 Lineup Announced

2009 marks a special year for punk's favorite summer festival: Vans Warped Tour is busting out the big names for its 15th anniversary!!!!

This year's lineup includes Bad Religion, 3OH!3, Flogging Molly, Thrice, Senses Fail, Less Than Jake, Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls and more.

The fest kicks off June 26th in Pomona, California, and tickets go on sale April 1 for only $25.

Don't forget to pick yours up!

Michael Jackson Plotting Jungle-Themed Tour

Britney had a Circus, so naturally, Michael Jackson wants a jungle!

The king of pop will reportedly arrive to his 50 London gigs atop an elephant, also insisting that a panther, snakes, tropical birds and monkeys be part of his elaborate stage get-up.

"He hopes to make it the most spectacular gig ever," says an unnamed source. "He wants to ride out on an African elephant with panthers led on gold chains. Parrots and other birds will fly behind him."

Not gonna lie, that sounds kind of awesome!

TV Guide's Sexiest Women

Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian and Jewel were among the picks for TV Guide's Sexiest Stars party in Hollywood Tuesday.

Says covergirl Eva Longoria:

"I love that Gabrielle is still garnering attention after five years. It's a really nice honor."

Pharrell Performs at McDonald's in Paris

Pharrell loves McDonald's!

Who knew??

The N.E.R.D. frontman was so in the mood for a Big Mac Tuesday that he started singing and dancing inside of a closed McDonald's, hoping to convince employees to give him some grub!!

The song he makes up is pretty hilarious -- and kind of catchy!

Need a spokesperson, McD's???

Quote of the Day

"He's always asking: 'Is that new? I haven't seen that before.' It's like, Why don't you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet."

-First Lady Michelle Obama tells her fashion-unconcious husband

The Offspring Announce North American Tour

After four years of down-time, 90's rock act The Offspring are getting back on the road for a two month summer tour.

The "Shit is Fucked Up" tour (seriously) will kick off May 15 in Nashville and feature Alkaline Trio and Street Dogs as supporting acts.

Check out a full list of the dates here.

Who the F is this?

Her name is Laura Chiatti.

Chiatti, 26, is an Italian actress, hanging at the premiere for her latest film Il Caso Dell Infedele Klara.

We'd watch anything Chiatti was in!!

Jim Jones Heads to Court, Debuts New Record

Monday was a long day for Jim Jones!

First, the rapper went to the Manhattan Criminal Court to discuss his alleged altercation with Ne-Yo's manager Jayvon Smith last Christmas.

Then, Jones headed to the Virgin Megastore in Union Square to sign copies of his new record Pray IV Reign, featuring the hit "Pop Champagne"!

All in a day's work!!

Scar Jo Does Sexy, Timeless

Scarlett Johansson manages to look both sexy and timeless at the Tribute to Cinema party in London Monday night.

The gal is so on top of her game!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorabilia on Display in Times Square

With his 50-concert summer just around the corner, what better time than now to put Michael Jackson's memorabilia up for auction??

A handful of MJ's 2,000-piece auction were put on display today at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, including MJ's signature crystalized glove, Jackson 5-era stage costumes and two MTV Awards.

The items are reportedly being auctioned during a live telecast next month.

Chaos at the 17 Again Paris Premiere

Zac Efron attends a very chaotic premiere of 17 Again at the Cinema Gaumont Opera House in Paris Monday night.

But our Zac stayed calm and collected, as always!

Thanks for being u, Z!

iPhone App Lets You Play Sully

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at landing a crashing plane, this is your lucky day?

A new iPhone application allows you to simulate landing the crashing US Airways Flight 1549 that Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger successfully landed back in January.

The app actually shows a plane suffering engine failure after a bird strike, and features the actual air traffic control communication.

Kind of morbid and awesome at the same time!

Christina Applegate Does Letterman

The always lovely Christina Applegate poses for a photo on the way out of Late Show with David Letterman Monday.

Hot or cold, rain or shine, the girl's always smiling!

Even on New York's coldest of nights!

Space Station Named After Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert's plan to take over the universe is beginning to unfold!

The comedian successfully convinced viewers of his show The Colbert Report to vote that the latest NASA space station be named "Colbert," and over 230,000 complied!

"Colbert" beat out four other names that were being considered for NASA's latest space station, including the lame "Serenity."

One small step for Colbert, one giant step for Colbert's kind!

Flavor Flav Celebrates 50th Birthday in Vegas

Flavor Flav celebrated his 50th birthday over the weekend at Las Vegas' Jet Nightclub, but instead of performing music, the rapper/reality TV star set out to break the record for the longest spoken "Yeah, Boyee." 


U can't make this shit up.

Check out a video of the nonsense here.

Nicole Richie Debuts Baby Bump

U've come a long way, baby!

Former party girl/Lady GaGa copycat Nicole Richie shows off her second baby's bump at the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation Benefit sponsoring UNICEF Monday night.

All in the name of a good cause, we suppose!

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