Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I thought I was attractive when I shot My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Studio executives and movie reviewers let me know I had a confidence in my looks that was not shared by them. In other words, they labeled me with words like: overweight, unattractive, unappealing. Hey, just say fat. I love the word fat. I used it in the title. It's actually not a naughty word. We give it a power it actually doesn't have. So, you're fat. Big deal."

-Nia Vardalos says

Friday, June 12, 2009

Black Eyed Peas Take Over Today Show

It's been a great month of NBC Today Show concerts. And the summer is only getting started!!!

We've seen No Doubt perform for the first time in five years, New Kids on the Block cover Queen, and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert rock Rockefeller Plaza for the first time!!!!

Perhaps most energetic of all though was the performance we witnessed this morning by the Black Eyed Peas!!

Fergie, & Co. fist-pumped their way through three excellent, high-energy jams: iTunes favorite "Boom Boom Pow," classic hit "Pump It" and a new, Jewish-themed single "I Gotta Feeling." (Sample lyrics: "Fill up my cup. Drink! Mazel tov. La' Chaim!")

Check out the fantastic, bouncy performance of the new single below. Bonus points if you can spot Poison Ivy in the audience (around 2:05)!!!!

[Photos by Jeanine Onischuck]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Video: Mary J. Blige Dances with Fans

Each year, New York's resident hip-hop and R&B station Hot 97 hosts a Hot 97 Summer Jam! And this year, the performers were even more unbelievable than last: Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, T-Pain, Young Jeezy and The Dream were just a few!

Hot 97 also hosted a pre-Summer Jam Saturday night at Nokia Theatre, hosted by the incomparable Mary J. Blige!!!

Check out this of Mary J., hitting the dance floor with some of her biggest fans. Too cool.

[Video by Cristina Parvu]

Christine Baranski, Yo-Yo Ma Come Out for World Science Festival

Poison Ivy had one of the coolest experiences ever Wednesday night (and no, we're not just talking about our run-in with the Jo Bros)!

One of the most fun & interesting events we've attended in awhile was earlier that night: the second annual World Science Festival at Lincoln Center!!

Monologues by Glenn Close, Christine Baranski (top photo), Alan Alda, Danny Burstein, along with a performance by Yo-Yo Ma (middle photo), were just part of the events goal: to marry science and art, and "ship science from the cultural outskirts to the cultural center," the festival's co-founder, Tracy Day, said.

The evening was also a celebration of the 80th birthday of the Pulitzer-prize winning E.O. Wilson, stark naturalist and environment pioneer.

But the coolest part of the night by far was a musician playing something called the "theremin." It's the only instrument ever invented that is played without being touched!!!! It works by syncing magnetic fields with antennas.

Check out a full list of events the World Science Festival is hosting this weekend here!

[Bottom photo by Marilyn Barnell]

One Night with Shia LaDouche

"Do you have a cigarette?" Shia LaBeouf asks me.

It's close to one a.m. on a Tuesday, and LaBeouf is standing outside of Avenue, an industrial-looking, not-yet-open-to-the-public lounge in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. While Shia and his friends are spilling out, my friends and I are waiting to go in. (It never happens.)

Less than 24 hours ago, the 23-year old Transformers star was on the other side of the country, presenting an award at the MTV Movie Awards in L.A. I watched, eagerly, blogging away, as the kid I'd later learn was an egomaniac presented the award for "Best Fight." Too bad our confrontation didn't happen earlier - it could have been a contender.

"I don't smoke," I finally tell Shia. "But nice job at the Awards last night. Can I take a photo of you for my blog?"

Shia stops dead in his tracks. Turns to me. Makes this uneasy, panick-y face like I just asked about his DUI. Or broken arm. Or multiple arrests. I genuinely thought he misheard me.

"Hi, my name's Shia," he says robotically. "You want to use me to promote your blog?"

It takes me a minute to realize this is not a question. But I answer anyway.

"I think you'd make a cool item," I say.

"I run my own site with my own money," I go on. "Competing with hundreds of well-known sites that have endorsement--"

"I'm a human being," Shia says, cutting me off. (Because the self-starting, self-funded entrepreneur I just described isn't?) At this point, his voice is much louder and a crowd has formed around us. "I'm fucking standing outside and you want to take a picture of me for your blog."

Correct me if I'm wrong, folks, but is there anything wrong with asking an actor for a photo? Isn't it part of the job description of being a celebrity to have fans, take pictures, and do press? If nothing else, be polite and not curse?? I mean, look what the Jonas Brothers did in an identical situation!!

Neither my friends - nor Shia's - interject in our quarrel. They let us continue with our stupid argument that's actually more about Shia's ego and fear of bad press than anything else, until we finally reach the end of our ropes.

"Are you mad?" Shia asks, the tell-tale question of an egomaniac.

"I think I'm going to make it," I say. We part ways.

Looking back, the entire thing happened for the best. You see, if Shia had let me take a photo of him that night, I probably wouldn't have published this photographic gem I found online.

Happy smoking, LaDouche!

New Default Alert

Now that she's landed her own record deal with 19 Recordings, girl is keeping up appearances!!!

17-year old American Idol third runner-up Allison Iraheta looks ravishing in purple, red and black.

Default it up, A!

Britney Spears Extends U.S. Tour

It was only a matter of time before Britney Spears added more dates to her fantastic, slightly erotic Circus Tour.

This time, North Americans (specifically, NYCers) are the beneficiaries!!!

Check out a full list of North American dates added here.

Can't wait for back-to-back MSG shows August 24 and 25!!!

Kanye, Lady GaGa To Tour Together

Kanye West and Lady GaGa will be touring together in the coming months, the rapper told The View Wednesday morning.

“She’s talented and so incredible that she’s not an opening act," West said. "We’re doing it together, with no opening act."

No dates/continents/details have been revealed as of yet, but we're on the edge of our seats! Trust!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jonasmania at the Trump Hotel!

It's a fantastic day to be a New Yorker!!!!

Especially when, on a bored Wednesday, you're walking by the Trump Hotel in Central Park and the MF Jonas Brothers are hanging outside!!!!

"Nice thighs!" one fan screams to middle bro Joe Jonas, who recently made waves with this tightly-outiftted version of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.

"Thanks," Joe says. You can tell he gets this comment ten times a day.

"I've been here since the morning," the girl later tells me. It's now close to 11 p.m. But she's not alone. 50 or so girls are standing behind her, rehearsing what they'll say when Kevin comes over. Or what they should have said to Nick. Or how early they'll be getting up on Friday for the bros Good Morning America appearance.

It's Jonasmania.

And the boys?

Completely cool.

They take a minute to say hi to fans, snap a photo with Poison Ivy, and then head upstairs to their rooms to zonk out for the night.

"Nope," says Nick, when I ask if he's heard of raging NYC entertainment blog Poison Ivy.

"But it sounds familiar!" he jokes, alluding to the Jo Bros recent single with the same name.

One day, boys.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jonas Brothers "Poison Ivy" Footage Emerges

Concert footage of the Jonas Brothers singing "Poison Ivy" off their latest record, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, has emerged!!!

Check out the song we like to think is dedicated to yours truly, above!!!


P.S. Doesn't this jam strangely recall Weezer??

Monday, June 8, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Off to the office for staff meeting. For a former crackhead, this life is kinda cool! Never thought I'd have a staff.. maybe staff infection."

-DJ AM Tweets

Rihanna, P. Diddy Rock for L.A.

It took a period of overtime, but the Lakers finally won game two over the Orlando Magic in Los Angeles Sunday night!

Coming out to cheer on their home team was every celeb ever.

Rihanna, Adam Levine, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron, Mark Wahlberg, Sean Diddy Combs, and Jack Nicholson were just a few!

Does the Staples Center even have enough floorseats to accommodate all these celebs???

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quote of the Day

"At pool, staring @ 70 yr old man w/his 22 yr old girlfriend. Girls, go 2 college & make ur OWN money so u don't have to play w/old balls."

-Giuliana Rancic Tweets

Whitney Houston's Sizzle Reel

Whitney Houston's comeback album is out September 1, bust here's a little treat to get you pumped in the meantime!

Click above to check out Houston's sizzle reel, complete with old school video clips and cheesy captions.

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