Saturday, October 31, 2009

Video: Cypress Hill Crowd-Surf During "(Rock) Superstar"

It's been a crazy two nights at Nokia Theatre.

On Thursday we saw Snoop Dogg, Method Man and Redman bring down the house, and on Friday the weedfest party continued with Cypress Hill!

"We're going to come back here every Halloween," said lead rapper B-Real, as audience members ran around in Santa costumes and Jason masks, respectively. "You guys are the livest crowd."

CP played old school hits: "Insane in the Brain," "How I Could Just Kill a Man," and "I Wanna Get High," but the song that took the cake was a crowd-surfing version of "(Rock) Superstar"!

We can't wait for Cypress Hill's forthcoming record (Rise Up, due February 2010, which will include collaborations with everyone from Slash to Mike Shinoda to Wu-Tang Clan), but we'll settle for this fantastic video of their performance last night in the meantime.

Quote of the Night

"If you're gonna lie, you need to make it more believable. Throw in an element of truth; that's what I do."

-Ten Danson's hilarious character says on HBO's Bored to Death

Friday, October 30, 2009

Britney Spears Premieres "3" Video

After weeks of teaser photos and videos, Britney Spears has premiered the official music video for "3," her new single that will be a part of The Singles Collection, due November 24.

The video has its fractions of excitement - the dance sequence on the pull-up bar is kinda cool - but ultimately the video falls flat, having no real theme, emotion or remotely decent lip-singing.

It's also a shameless plug for Spears' perfume line from decades past - Fantasy!

What do u think?

Snoop Dogg Blazes Nokia Theatre

"Did ya'll like the motherfucking dancers?" asked Snoop Dogg, as two ladies in skintight red pants exited the stage at Nokia Theatre Thursday night.

"You can say you like them [even if] you got your girl with you," Snoop instructed. "Cause I like your girl. She look good. I think you should know that."

Snoop's hilarious on-stage banter went on for the entire two-hour show - at one point he told the crowd he doesn't even need to ask "if you got your weed tonight." (It was pretty obvious from the clouds of smoke.)

The Doggfather played over two hours - rocking jams like "The Next Episode," "Sexual Eruption" and "Gin and Juice" - and even called Da Brat and Devin the Dude onstage for collaborations. Guests, which included jaw-dropping openers Method Man and Redman, along with Ice T, Coco and Verne Troyer, danced along from the sidelines.

Check out a video of Snoop getting the crowd riled up, below.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Semi Precious Weapons Join Lady GaGa for Monster Ball Tour

We basically peed our pants when we found out that one of our favorite bands, the glam-rocking Semi Precious Weapons, will be opening for Lady GaGa this fall on her Monster Ball tour!!!

SPW frontman Justin Tranter wrote in to Poison Ivy this morning to share his excitement:

"GaGa is a visionary," he told us. "And we are honored that she had the vision to have our filthy rockNroll open up her evening of Pop/Electro/Performance art."

We're just as stoked, b!!

[Photo by Jeanine Onischuck]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Used Talk New Record, New Tour and New Moon

It's four hours before The Used will play New York's Roseland Ballroom Tuesday night - the same venue where Hillary Clinton celebrated her 53rd birthday and Paul McCartney, Madonna and Nirvana have all performed - and bassist Jeph Howard is reclining on a puffy leather couch in the dressing room.

"This feels like our first real headliner tour," Howard says, referencing an eight-year stretch where The Used played every festival from the Warped Tour to Taste of Chaos to Leeds.

Drummer Dan Whitesides nods as he lights up a cigarette.

"We put a lot of time into planning this one," he says. "We created the set list, we designed our own lighting package. Quinn [Allman] even made a movie for the projection screen."

But the tour is just a sliver of what the band has been working on. In fact, they're freakishly calm for a bunch of dudes who were just commissioned to write a song for the New Moon soundtrack.

"[The people at Summit] wanted a song that was exclusive to them, that we couldn't have on our record," Howard explains, of why the project fell through.

"But we still ended [up] with a very creepy, really dark, slow song," says Whitesides, of the never-before-heard track, titled "For You I Would."

"It really belongs in something like Interview For A Vampire," Howard laughs.

The Used instead plan to include the track on their next record, of which Whitesides admits songs have already been recorded.

"Quinn and I went into the studio and recorded five or six songs," he says. "You can never have too many ideas."

One idea the band has been tossing around fairly heavily in the last few years is the idea of change. With a new management company in place starting in July, a new, more aggressive record under their belts (Artwork, August 2009), and Whitesides replacing former drummer Branden Steineckert back in 2006 - the boys don't feel committed to much.

"Record labels are dying," Whitesides acknowledges, citing that the band owes one more album to their current label Reprise. "Maybe we'll start our own label [after that]."

Howard, who checks the band's MySpace regularly, then talks to Poison Ivy about a military personnel who recently wrote in to the band.

"[His letter said] he shot some dude in half while listening to "A Box Full of Sharp Objects," Howard says. "He was like crying and laughing and shaking."

"The only thing you can do [in that situation] is say thank you and glad we can help you," says Whitesides. "And life is not that bad."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I would say run a bath, roll a spliff, and have a listen. That's what I would do. I do that with every one of my favorite albums. That's how I listen to it first."

-Joss Stone recommends, regarding her new record Colour Me Free

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sister Hazel Storm New York

"Thank you for braving the elements tonight!" Sister Hazel frontman Ken Block told the audience at Irving Plaza. Block was talking to the hundreds of fans who stormed New York's mini monsoon Saturday night to come see Sister Hazel play, along with fantastic openers Pat McGee, at the legendary NYC venue.

And SH rewarded their fans well: rocking tons of hits from their 15-year catalog, including "Happy," "Champagne High," and "Release," off of their latest album of the same name.

"I love that you guys sing along, whether it's a song you heard on the radio or track seven off disk four," Block candidly told the crowd.

"All For You" certainly belongs in the former group, as it peaked at #11 on the Billboard 100 Chart back in 1997, and skyrocketed the band from obscurity to fame.

Check out a chunk of the performance below, brought to you by the kind folks at Poison Ivy!

Quote of the Night

"If you put me into a lead box and sailed me around the globe for 2 years, I'd still be able to tell you it was a Sunday night."

-John Mayer Tweets

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Myriad smells on this tiny plane to DC. I'm also bewildered by the amount of adult open-air coughing. Who raised this plane?"

-Sarah Silverman Tweets

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