Saturday, December 19, 2009

At the Sherlock Holmes Premiere

It's a great night to be a New Yorker!

Tons of stars turned out for the Sherlock Holmes premiere at New York's Lincoln Center Thursday, including director Guy Ritchie, actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, leading lady Rachel McAdams, Gossip Girl Blake Lively (who must have been freezing), Eva Mendes, and Bruce Willis (with new wife Emma Heming).

Huge names, huge night!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tweet of the Day

"the solo record features a lot of honesty..."

-The Juliana Theory's Brett Detar Tweets to Poison Ivy, of his forthcoming solo record

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Miley Channels Lady Gaga at Royal Variety Show

Miley Cyrus performed "Party in the USA" for the 8397439847th time during the Royal Variety Show for Queen Elizabeth II at Blackpool Opera House last Monday, but to keep things fresh, she changed part of the lyrics (and dance) to reflect Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance!"

Cute idea!

Is it us, or does Miley sound especially hoarse during the performance?

Jet Return To Their Roots

Melbourne-based Jet have always had their homeland of Australia on the brain. Frontman Nic Cester echoed those sentiments when we caught up with him back in October.

So naturally, we were stoked to hear that the boys' "Chapel" set in Sydney (Thursday night at the Paddington Uniting Church) was such a gorgeous, rocking affair.

The pics prove it!!

I SPY NY: Bethenny Frankel, Arctic Monkeys and More

I spy in NY...

A pregnant Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel posing next to a replica of her 58-foot PETA billboard in Times Square Tuesday (top photo), Arctic Monkeys rocking Terminal Five Thursday night (middle photo), Guy Ritchie talking shop at the Apple Store: SoHo's Meet The Filmmakers Q&A Wednesday (bottom photo), Ellen Burstyn at the premiere of The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond Thursday at City Cinemas 123, Zoe Saldana hanging at MTV Studios Wednesday, and Project Runway's Althea Harper partying at The Eldridge Thursday night.

Madonna, Goldie Hawn Come Out For Nine Premiere

It will arguably be the biggest film this holiday season, so we weren't at all surprised to see some of the biggest names in Hollywood turn out at the Nine premiere Tuesday night at the Ziegfeld Theatre!

Madonna brought out daughter Lourdes, Goldie Hawn came out to support daughter Kate Hudson, leading actor Daniel Day-Lewis looked killer in steel gray, Nicole Kidman showed up (with some type of make-up malfunction), Josh Duhamel forced some PDA on wife Fergie, Marion Cotillard chose white, and Penelope Cruz dazzled in red. Even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen stumbled on by!

As much as we kid, we really are excited about this flick. Day-Lewis took our breath away in There Will Be Blood - one of our favorites - and we can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve this time!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quote of the Night

"It was me taking the piss out of the fact that I was broke while being on a # 1 record ['Right Round']. I didn't have enough money to buy a taco."

Chris Brown: The Man or the Music?

It's twenty degrees in New York, and there are dozens of people sleeping in front of Nokia Theatre in Times Square.

If you've been reading the news over the last year, you might be surprised to learn that those people are camped out to see Chris Brown, the 20-year old R&B singer who infamously attacked ex-girlfriend Rihanna following a Grammy's pre-party back in February.

Brown issued a public apology following the incident, pleaded guilty to a felony assault, and eight months later announced a "Fan Appreciation Tour," in which a portion of profits benefit domestic violence and disability organizations. But those efforts have come second to a maelstrom of backlash.

Almost immediately, radio stations stopped playing Brown's music. Brown was forced to withdraw from several high-profile performances, including one at the 2009 Grammy's. And a photo of Rihanna's injuries that leaked post-incident triggered everything from domestic violence group outrage to verbal attacks to Brown at his events.

Tuesday's show, ten months after the attack, had a sold-out audience of 2,100. That group was comprised mostly of teenage girls - some joined by parents, others with friends - but nearly all sporting some type of sign.

"Chris, We Want You To Take Us Down," one poster read, a reference to single "Take You Down," off of 2007's Exclusive.

When Brown gets onstage, it's no wonder why the fans lined up. Brown is beyond talented: vocally, choreographically; he even performs a spot-on cover of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" and dances seamlessly through "Thriller." But when I talk to the crowd, one thing is constant.

"I wouldn't buy his album," one girl says, when I ask if she's a Chris Brown fan.

"The man or the music?" asks another.

"If he didn't hit her, he'd be playing Madison Square Garden tonight," says yet another attendee.

The fans - though present in droves - are closeted. They love Brown's music, but they don't love his person.

Chris Brown is not the first musician with a history of domestic violence (see Bobby Brown, Ike Turner), but you can't help but notice how much their mistakes have staggered their potential.

Brown took the crowd through two hours of music - everything from 2008's "Forever" to first single "Run It!" to "Back to the Crib" featuring a cameo by Juelz Santana.

"Where all my single ladies at?" Brown asked the crowd, adding, "You know your boy's single too."

Yeah, we know, this writer thought. We also know why.

Personally, I've always been a fan of Chris Brown's music. I used to joke with friends that if you don't enjoy "No Air," you might not have a soul. But his actions, as unbiased as a reporter should be, have certainly influenced my opinion of him. You can hit every high note and nail your dance routine, but in my mind, there will always be a scarlet letter on Chris Brown's forehead.

Can you ever truly divorce the man from the music?


Video: Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude for Muse Magazine

Italian magazine Muse has released a racy video of Lindsay Lohan posing topless in a Chateau Marmont hotel room to accompany her January 2010 cover of the magazine.

The video, titled "Lindsay's Private Party," is directed by Yu Tsai, soundtracked by Stereo Alchemy, and features Lohan hooking up with model Petey Wright and Madonna back-up dancer Sofia Boutella.

Tsai says the shoot was modeled after the intense four-year relationship between Kate Moss and Johnny Depp in the mid-90's.

"It was all about her being sexy, channeling Kate from the '90s," Tsai told the New York Post.

"[Lohan] was totally comfortable with the nudity as long as it had artistic integrity," he added.

How many cigarettes can YOU count??

Christie's Auction House Hosts Interior Preview

On Monday night, Poison Ivy was humbly invited to attend an interior preview at Christie's Auction House in Rockefeller Center, which showcased over 1,110 items ranging from the antique to contemporary set.

The auction featured everything from a set of early twentieth century Louis Vuitton steamer trunks (pictured) to Japanese silk embroideries circa 1900 to a massive 1800s painting called "The Canine Concierge"  by Louis Robert Heyrault, in which a dog delivers mail to his owner dressed as a doorman.

The night also boasted a "lower price point" for consumers, which we can confirm, having seen beautiful, well-preserved Chinese armoires for under a thousand, and elegant, polka dot porcelain dinnerware for the same.

The preview was hosted by Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Margaret Russell and Christie's Interiors Department Head Ginette Lospinoso, who also helped oversee the book launch of Star Pieces: The Enduring Beauty of Spectacular Furtniture that night.

Items officially go on sale today, so check out a complete catalog and make your bids here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I SPY NY: Adrian Grenier, Leighton Meester and More

I spy in NY...

Adrian Grenier hosting the fourth annual Charity: Water Ball at the Metropolitan Pavilion Monday night (top photo), Leighton Meester "performing" at Robin Thicke's album release party for guests Jay-Z, Beyonce and John Legend at Butter Monday night (middle photo), Taylor Lautner poking fun at rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live (bottom photo), Q-Tip and Mark Ronson spinning at Santos Party House Friday night, Katie Couric taking a Yoga class at Pure Yoga on the Upper East Side, and Erykah Badu unveiling forthcoming record New Amerykah, Part II: Return of the Ankh during a listening party Chung King Studios Thursday.

Juliana Theory Announce Reunion Shows; Singer Brett Detar Plots Solo Album

It's a huge day for The Juliana Theory fans.

On Monday afternoon, the band announced via their Facebook that they will be reuniting after four years for two shows only, in late summer 2010. While venues and locations are yet to be determined, the shows promise to feature the band playing 2000's Emotion is Dead from start to finish, as well as a second set of "fan favorites" from other records.

"There’s a few songs off of Emotion is Dead that we’ve never even played live before so I think it’s going to be pretty great to play the whole album in sequence," wrote frontman Brett Detar. "I’m really looking forward to it."

As if that announcement wasn't big enough, Detar also posted a personal letter on the band's Facebook announcing a solo album.

"I’ve come to the decision that I am going to get back on the horse and start releasing music again," Detar wrote. "I’m going to play shows, hit the road, and do what I’ve always done since I left college at 18 to make music my full-time job. I’d be honored and thrilled to have your participation with me, in fact, I can’t do it without you. My first official release is in the midst of being recorded and I am hoping to have it out as soon as possible."

We're keeping our fingers crossed for at least one NYC date!!

Robin Thicke Gets Wiped Down By Fan During NYC Show

It was a hilarious night at Nokia Theatre!!

R&B crooner Robin Thicke hit the stage for a sensual, energetic concert that included hits "Lost Without You," "Million Dollar Baby," and a cover of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You," but no moment was quite as memorable as when Thicke leaped offstage during a cover of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" and got wiped down with a handtowel by an crazed overeager fan!!

Ever the gentleman, Thicke embraced the wipe, letting the fan dry him off for a good ten seconds.

Watch the hilarity (at the 00:45 mark), above.

Did You Hear About The Morgans? Premieres in New York

It's a great night to be a New Yorker!!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Grant and SJP's Sex and the City co-star Cynthia Nixon hit the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theatre Monday night for the Did You Hear About The Morgans? premiere.

We thought the outfits were a little uninspired, but then again, this is no SATC.

What do you think of their choices??

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tweet of the Day

"'sex, church and chicken' should be copyrighted and put on t-shirts immediately."

-Meghan McCain Tweets

I SPY NY: Rachel Bilson, Honor Society and More

I spy in NY...

Rachel Bilson hanging at the Target To-Go kickoff Friday (top photo), Honor Society rocking the New York Stock Exchange tree lighting ceremony Thursday (middle photo), John Mayer and Taylor Swift performing "Half of my Heart" live for the first time at the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden Friday (bottom photo), Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory performing an acoustic set at Highline Ballroom Friday, John Legend playing piano at Tom Colicchio's Top Chef finale dinner sponsored by American Express at Craftsteak Wednesday, Mark Ingram scooping up the Heisman Award at Nokia Theatre Saturday night, and Matisyahu tearing it up at a Hanukkah concert at Webster Hall Saturday night.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tweet of the Day


-Wyclef Jean Tweets

The Click Five Get Unplugged in NYC

We had so much fun at The Click Five's Bowery Electric show Wednesday night that we had to hit up the band's semi-unplugged gig at Rockwood Music Hall Thursday!

"This is our absolute favorite venue in New York," said frontman Kyle Patrick, of the intimate, less-than-100 capacity Lower East Side venue. "It's good to see you all so close up to us."

Of course we'd never come back without a treat.

Check out a clip of the band performing a borderline acoustic version of their newest single, "I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!", above.

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