Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ryan Cabrera Tells Stories at New York Gig

"I've grown up a lot since Take It All Away," says Ryan Cabrera. He's trying to persuade the 400-something people at New York's Highline Ballroom that he's matured since his debut album came out back in 2004, but we're not convinced!

Cabrera, 27, first emerged on the music scene in early 2004 with hits "On the Way Down" and "True," but the singer-songwriter is arguably best known as the ex-boyfriend of singer/actress Ashlee Simpson. (The couple were featured extensively on The Ashlee Simpson Show for two seasons prior to their break-up.)

"I apologize to every one of you who can see," Cabrera said at Monday night's show. "(My hair) is getting so high I can barely even do it."

The singer then catapulted into radio favorite "Shine On" off of 2005's You Stand Watching.

Cabrera treated the crowd to tons of throwbacks: "40 Kinds of Sadness," 2008's "Say," even a beatboxing version of "Exit to Exit." But the wildest moment of the night came when Cabrera admitted that he tried to convince one audience a few weeks ago that his song "Photo" was actually written about his dog.

"They were all, awww, until I got to the chorus," Cabrera remarked, citing the physical nature of the lyrics (Sample: "What it's like to know you/what it's like to touch you.")

Verrry grown up!

Check out Cabrera's performance of 2004's "True," above.

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