Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons Rule Radio City

We were eager to see how Semi Precious Weapons would perform on the Lady Gaga tour at Radio City Music Hall this past weekend.

The glam-rocking, crowd-surfing band asked us to "make out, go crazy and pull out a tit" during their Webster Hall video shoot Friday night, but would Saturday's show bring the same chaos?

As it turns out, yes!

Possibly more!

"Let me see some tits for this tote bag!" singer Justin Tranter ordered the audience, before tossing free merch into the crowd.

SPW performed jams like "Magnetic Baby" and "Put a Diamond In It" for the Gaga-esque set, also opting to share a story about the night's headliner.

"The first time we played with Gaga it was 2006, 50 blocks downtown and there were about 12 people there," Tranter said. "But we felt like superstars."

"A couple of nights ago we got in trouble for feeding minors champagne," Tranter added, then popping a bottle of bubbly and feeding it to anyone in a 50-foot radius of the stage.

"Rules shouldn't stop you from having fucking fun."

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