Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adam Lambert: "Can You Get Off Your Phone?"

Adam Lambert was feeling particularly divalicious Monday night!

The Idol rocker was performing a six-song set at PC Richard Theater in New York's Tribeca neighborhood - when a fan got on her cell phone in the middle of an acoustic "Whataya Want From Me."

"Really?" Lambert scoffed, stopping the song dead in its tracks. "Can you get off your phone?"

"You're not watching TV honey, it's a live show."


Lambert then started the song over, but not without giving the girl one more dig. "Dominoes? We deliver!" he laughed.

We have to admit, we hate when people talk during a concert - it's particularly annoying when they're on their phones but to do it in such an intimate venue as PC Richard's (less than 200 people) is pure disrespect!

"I love you for that," one fan audibly screamed to Lambert following his call-out.

Lambert went on to play "For Your Entertainment," "Mad World," "Fever," "Music Again," and "Sleepwalker," dressed in an all-black trenchcoat with studded belt and snakeskins.

"I'm such a fag," he told the crowd after a mid-performance trip to his dressing room to wipe off his sweat and "get pretty again."

"I'm single too," he added, replying to a message on a poster.

"Are you guys ready for the next song?" Lambert asked. "Are your phones ready??"


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