Thursday, February 4, 2010

Motion City Soundtrack Storm New York

"There's a song that says 'Everyone's your friend in New York City'," says Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierre, referring to There Might Be Giants' "New York City."

"I'm feeling like that's true tonight," he concludes.

Pierre had no reason to believe otherwise. New York's Irving Plaza was beyond sold-out for MCS' show Wednesday - with fans packed two-levels high to jump along to their favorite tunes. MTV was also on-hand, filming a webisode of the concert for

"We're going to play some new songs," Pierre announced, before diving into tunes "Disappear" and "Her World Destroyed My Planet," off of the Mark Hoppus-produced My Dinosaur Life, released Jan. 19.

Poison Ivy watched MCS from the soundbooth, which legit feels like it's going to collapse whenever there's a high-energy crowd on Irving's second story. The box got extra wobbly when MCS ventured into their past - performing killer versions of "The Future Freaks Me Out," "Attractive Today," and "Last Night," off of their first three records, respectively.

Check out a snippet of MCS' best NYC performances: "Pulp Fiction," off of their new record, and closing jam "Everything is Alright," below.

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