Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sarah Silverman Talks Equal Rights, Weed at SoHo Apple Store with Todd Barry

Sarah Silverman attended Apple SoHo store's "Meet the Actor" series Wednesday night with the intention of discussing her upcoming season of The Sarah Silverman Program, premiering tonight, 10:30 p.m., on Comedy Central.

That train derailed.

"Religion is something we made up to cope with life," Silverman told a pair of children in the front row, after a fan asked what Silverman was dressing as for Purim.

"I have no faith, but I love Jesus. He was a hippie," Silverman went on. "You're gonna grow up really fast tonight."

Actor and comedian Todd Barry helped moderate the Q&A, at one point calling Poison Ivy out when he saw us taking notes in the front row.

"What's your URL?" he asked, mishearing the answer. ""

"You heard PoivyIsy and couldn't figure out it was PoisonIvy?" Silverman laughed.

The comedienne also discussed her beginnings during the hour-long Q&A, noting that she was at least in third grade when she knew what she wanted to be.

"My mom showed me something I filled out that said... [I want to be either] a comedian, an actress or a masseuse."

That's when a fan in the back asked if Silverman wanted to smoke weed with him after the show.

"I have my own," Silverman retorted. "And when I smoke my own, I don't have to hang out with you!"

"I love you," offered another fan in the front.

"You look possibly lovable yourself," Silverman replied.

When the snark and shoutouts died down, it was back to activism for Silverman, who spoke out - unprompted - about equal rights.

"How does anyone who's for equal rights get married right now?" she pondered. "That's like joining a country club [which] doesn't accept blacks or Jews."

"What are you dressing as?" Silverman finally asked the fan who inquired about her Purim costume.

"A sexy Sarah Silverman," the fan replied.

Silverman laughed loudly before going deadpan.

"Hahaha. That's redundant."

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