Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daniel Merriweather Covers Paul McCartney at Apple Store Performance

We've seen pretty much every Daniel Merriweather concert in NYC for the last two months. And we gotta admit, the kid just keeps getting better.

"I'm not cut out for the cold," the Australian-born 28-year old told the crowd at Apple's Soho store on a 40-degree Tuesday night. "But I love New York."

Merriweather tore through a selection of Love & War tracks for his new favorite city, with an accompanying acoustic guitarist and grand pianist on hand. The set included songs "Cigarettes," "Getting Out," and "Red," and Merriweather made sure the crowd understood his inspiration.

"My album's got so many experiences on it," he explained candidly. "Mainly me screwing things up in relationships in my early twenties."

The singer also got solemn for a minute, describing a time when - following an intense tour with Mark Ronson - his doctor performed on operation on his throat, leaving him voiceless for three weeks.

"[I couldn't] sing, so when I had a tune in my head, I would whistle it. [That's why there's so much] whistling on the album. It's not to annoy the fuck out of you."


Check out perhaps our favorite Merriweather performance to date: a soulful, aggressive rendition of Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed," below.

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