Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everlast: "It's Been a Long Time Since We've Let Them Put 'House of Pain' on a Marquee"

"It's been a long time since we've let them put 'House of Pain' on a marquee," says former House of Pain emcee Everlast. "Now we're part of a new movement called La Coka Nostra."

The rapper was sharing his story with New York's Nokia Theatre Thursday night - and he wanted to make a few things clear.

"This is not a hip-hop group," he said of La Coka Nostra, which he created in 2005 with DJ Lethal, Danny Boy, Ill Bill and Slaine. "We're just trying to say what we think."

LCN played dozens of jams for the hip-hop crowd - embracing their Irish roots just a day after St. Patricks Day by delving into fan favorites "It's a Beautiful Thing," "That's Coke," and a fantastic intro for LCN mastermind Danny Boy.

Check it out, above.

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