Friday, March 19, 2010

Video: Alkaline Trio Perform "Armageddon" in NYC

We had an amazing time at the Alkaline Trio/Cursive/The Dear & Departed concert at Nokia Theatre in Times Square last Friday.

Ever the punk veterans, AT played songs spanning from their 15-year career - including tracks off of most recent record This Addiction.

"This song is about waking up behind a dumpster at seven in the morning," frontman Matt Skiba told the crowd candidly, prefacing new song "Lead Poisoning."

The boys also ventured back to 2001's From Here to Infirmary, playing the dark, raging "Armageddon," and tearing though mainstream hit "In Vein," which soundtracked an episode of The Hills back in 2008.

Of course, we're not ones to come back without bearing gifts.

Check out a snippet of Alkaline Trio's performance of "Armageddon," above.

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