Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coheed and Cambria Celebrate Year of the Black Rainbow Release with Best Buy Performance

Coheed and Cambria celebrated the release of their latest record Year of the Black Rainbow Tuesday by hosting a free concert, Q&A and book reading for fans at Best Buy in Union Square!

"After three years of playing, to hold a CD and say I'm part of this, is a great feeling," said drummer Chris Pennie, whose recording debut with C&C came on Black Rainbow.

The boys played a four-song acoustic set for the 200-something fans in the crowd, which included songs "Here We Are Juggernaut," "Far," "Pearl of the Stars," and "Welcome Home."

"What's fun is adapting these [YOTBR] songs acoustically," said frontman Claudio Sanchez. "It's another way to exercise our creativity."

A fan then asked Sanchez what the most important song he ever wrote was.

"If I had to choose, I think 'Wake Up' would be the one," he said. "They're all important though. They've all chronicled points of my life."

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