Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coheed and Cambria Rock Central Park for Biggest Headliner Ever

It's a great night to be a Coheed fan in New York!!

Coheed and Cambria played their biggest headlining show in New York's Central Park Wednesday - rocking nearly two hours of jams like "Here We Are Juggernaut," "The Broken," "Welcome Home," "21:13," "World of Lines," and "Far."

There were more than 5,500 people in attendance!

"During that song, all I could think about was, is LeBron James going to come to the Knicks?" frontman Claudio Sanchez joked during a serious performance of "Pearl of the Stars."

Check out Poison Ivy's favorite moments of the night - Coheed performing "Far" above, and "World of Lines" and "Three Evils," below.


  1. I saw them on May 5th in San Francisco, and it was definitely the best show I've ever been to! Thanks for posting video, they wouldn't let me bring my camera in so I have no live footage from SF.

  2. I love this band. But do I want everyone to think ,as I do, that they are one of the best bands around. Because next time I see them it might have to be in a less intimate venue than the one I saw them in Houston. I know I am selfish. Rock on guys.

  3. I saw them in Orlando and it was a fantastic show! it was my first Coheed show and the fans are crazy, it's a cult following out there with the Children of the Fence and I'd loved every minute of it. Love the comic books as well.

    I agree with Claudio, I'm wondering if Lebron is coming too haha

  4. They were great in Seattle. Hope they come back again and again.

  5. Heyo. That was an amazing show, thanks for the vids.

  6. I saw them in VT in their prealbum tour and it was so insane, almost the same lineup as this show from what i have heard, and i saw them neverender night 2 and im on the dvd at least 4 different times, by far my favorite band ever

  7. May 14 2010 Chicago @ the Congress Theater was the 5th Coheed show for me, and it was by far the best performance ever. I got the set list and they played I-robot at the end of 2113 (I-robot was not on the list BTW), and Michael and Wes did an impromptu acoustical performance to the Black Card Holders of the classic song "only the lonely" by The Motels. The following weekend I finally got to meet the whole band for autographs in Columbus and my 6th Coheed show will be this weekend Sunday in St.Louis!! ♫♫ cannot wait♪♪ thanks guys, for all you do for us fans!!! Pennie you deserve to be on the front page of many more magazines.


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