Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Atlantic City Fist Pumps Through Final Coheed and Cambria Tour Date

Poison Ivy had such a killer time at Coheed and Cambria's headliner in Central Park Wednesday that we trekked it to Atlantic City's House of Blues Saturday to fist pump our way through CoCa's final night of their Circa Survive/Torche tour!

"This is the last day of the tour, so I wanted to say thank you to Circa Survive and Torche for coming out with us," singer Claudio Sanchez announced.

"It's been such a fucking pleasure," he added, citing "I always get weird in these moments."

Coheed then dived into a raging performance of "Made Out of Nothing," that instigated the 2,000-something fans in the room to fist pump (as evidenced in our performance video above, at the 00:13 mark).

Be sure to click below for an impromptu Coheed cameo during Circa's set that involves a couch and floorlamp.

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