Monday, June 21, 2010

Cynthia Rowley 2011 Resort: Rubber, Leather, and Tassels, Oh My!

Poison Ivy had the chance to check out Cynthia Rowley's 2011 Resort collection during a morning visit to her showroom Thursday - just two days afters Rowley's day of street-side presentations.

When we entered the showroom, Karen Duffy (former MTV VJ and Blank Check glamazon) was taping a segment for lifestyle channel Plum TV.

"I love this," Duffy cooed on camera, running her hand over the silk texture of a Rowley gown.

But silk is just one of many fabrics Rowley exercised for the Resort.

In a smudge-shadow off-white cardigan (bottom photo), Rowley utilized rubber. In in a stripped-and-then-re-woven shoe (second photo), Rowley recruited leather. And in a shiny gray leather purse (third photo), Rowley decorated with a bright red tassel.

Other favorites?

A navy, open-chest paneled silk dress (left, top photo), peek-a-boo back red/blue cinched elastic waist dress (right, top photo), baby pink digital print coral one-shoulder dress (fourth photo), and chunky knit sweater (fifth photo).

All pieces will be available in November, with dresses starting at $300.

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  1. yes but did she have the air conditioning on?


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