Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kelly Cutrone in NYC: "I'm Like an Indie Hitman"

Poison Ivy attends about 20 events per week.

Multiply that by 52 weeks, and conservatively, we can say we check out over a thousand shows per year.

Why are we telling you this?

Because, we want you to understand the gravity of the following statement.

We have NEVER walked away from an event - in more than five years in the biz - having learned more - or laughed harder - than at Kelly Cutrone's hour-long Q&A in Bryant Park Wednesday afternoon.

The PR maven and Bravo reality TV star showed up to support her newest book - If You Have to Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You - but fielded a dozen or so questions from the audience on topics ranging from her former drug use to how to cut your teeth in the PR world to why she would never work at Prada.

"To work at Prada, you have to have a certain type of pencil... a certain type of pencil holder," she told the 200 young faces in the audience. "I'm just not minimalist in that way."

"Betsey Johnson... love her... but could you imagine me in [a Betsey Johnson] dress doing cartwheels next to her [on the runway]? It would be ridiculous."

"You should clean the toilets with the same attitude as if you were meeting the president," Cutrone advised the young professionals, noting that "There is nothing like watching an entry-level employee do [their job] with pride and grace."

Cutrone also used the forum to clear up some rumors.

"I'm not anti-American. I'm not anti-men, and I'm not a lesbian," she said. "Just to answer those questions right off the bat."

And Cutrone spoke freely about the various challenges associated with starting your own business, when one audience member announced she was an entrepreneur.

"The hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is that you're an entrepreneur," Cutrone said.

"There's nobody to back you up. An entrepreneur is a bounty hunter and a cop is a corporate employee... I'm more like an indie hitman."

In her book, Cutrone admits to battling a drug addiction, and a member of the audience questioned whether she had overcome it completely.

"I don't do drugs at all, like, nothing," she said. "I've never seen anyone [improve] on drugs."

Perhaps our favorite moment of the discussion was a candid self-description Cutrone shared, that, in our opinion, completely summarizes her livelihood.

"My success did not come from following the formula," Cutrone began.

"If I have to wear lingerie and be really skinny and smile and say 'how are you?' and 'I love that,' I don't want to succeed. Instead I want to wear a grandma gown and say 'I hate you' and 'you're dumb.'"


Check out a two-minute clip we recorded from Cutrone's discussion, below.

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