Monday, June 7, 2010

New Details on Kanye West Record Emerge

Kanye West shocked guests at New York nightclub CV last weekend by playing four tracks from his unreleased record. Now, CV resident DJ/super-producer Scram Jones is opening up about those songs - calling West's forthcoming release a "refreshing, raw, hip-hop record."

"It sounded like real hip-hop... Not khaki," Jones told Poison Ivy in a phone interview last week. "There were a lot of raw, empty beats."

"Some of the best beats are empty cause it leaves room for you to listen to the emcee," said Jones, who blasted Kanye's disc at CV last Saturday and has mastered tracks for everyone from Mariah Carey to Wu-Tang Clan.

"Kanye's a nasty emcee."

West asked Jones to switch songs after about a minute of playing each - but allowed the DJ to play new single "Power" twice, which leaked a few days later.

"I spoke with [West's producer] Plain Pat after the leak, and he told me Kanye's not mad," Jones reports. "He got such a good response [to the song], and he's got so many [more] good songs coming out."
Jones also noted that West showed up at the Matthew Isaacs-owned CV for a home coming party.

"They just came back to New York after recording his album in Hawaii," Jones said, adding that his entourage included Consequence, Kid Cudi, and Plain Pat.

"Everybody sitting with Kanye went crazy when the songs came on," Jones admitted, recalling Cudi dancing atop a table and Kanye bobbing his head with a big smile on his face.

"There was no diva or arrogance. He looked proud to be with his boys and listening to his music. He felt safe in that small atmosphere."

As for the rest of the club?

"Half of the people [in the club] weren't aware. They didn't know what they were hearing," Jones says.


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