Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sarah McLachlan Gets Pooped On, Norah Jones Talks Pre-Show Rituals at Good Morning America Concert

We wish we could kick off every weekend with a Norah Jones/Sarah McLachlan concert in the park...

But, we'll take what we can get!

On Friday morning around six (yes, six), Poison Ivy trekked it to New York's Central Park to see Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan team up for a Good Morning America concert!

"I just got pooped on by a bird," McLachlan announced during a quiet moment of soundcheck.

"That's good luck," she laughed. "Or so they tell me."

McLachlan will be touring with Jones for nearly two months on the Lilith Tour this summer - and used her GMA time to perform "Forgiveness" and "Heartbreak" off of the recently released Laws of Illusion.

Jones performed "It's Gonna Be," "Young Blood," and "Chasing Pirates" off of 2009's The Fall, recruiting a vintage Wurlitzer electric piano for her performances.

"Vintage instruments are dangerous because they break, but they're more fun," she told GMA's George Stephanopoulos. 

"It's always good to drink hot water before you sing," Jones added, when Stephanopoulos asked if she had any pre-show rituals.

"Maybe throw in a little whiskey."

Check out snippets from our favorite performances - including McLachlan requesting "a little overhead in the drum" - in our exclusive GMA concert videos, below.

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