Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sneak Peek: Kyle Patrick "Who Can I Run To"

Poison Ivy visited the very talented Kyle Patrick last week at the Gibson Guitar Showroom in New York City - the set of his video for new song "Who Can I Run To."

"I feel more at home in studios than in my home," Patrick told us, hopping behind a 1968 Wurlitzer electric piano for the live shoot recording.

Patrick has no reason not to.

The 24-year-old has been fronting pop rock band The Click Five since 2007, and released his first, self-titled solo EP in May of this year. That endeavor, KP admitted, wasn't quite as planned.

"I was [recording demos] in my apartment and didn't even think of ever releasing them," he said.

It was only until some friends heard the recordings and approached Patrick that he considered making them public.

"My friends were just like 'Hey man, you should maybe think about releasing those. I think people would like to hear them.'"

Hell yes we would!

The final product was a six-track, pay-what-you-want extended play, featuring unforgettable tracks like "Another Life" and "Don't Think Twice," which soundtracks the above vid.

But Patrick hasn't slowed down since the release of his disc. He's been touring the country playing three shows a week, and writing even more tunes in his BK apartment - the latest being "Who Can I Run To."

"[The song] speaks for my whole life," Patrick explains.

"Recently... I've been making very hard decisions... [And] there's usually one person that you think about in those situations, one person that you run to."

We'll be posting a video of our full, in-depth interview with KP in the next few days (check back to find out how he feels about being compared to Jeff Buckley and what almost led him to quitting music), but for now, check out this exclusive sneak peek of the singer-songwriter's new video for the haunting, fiercely melodic "Who Can I Run To."


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