Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kid Cudi Three Songs Into Rock Album

Kid Cudi hasn't even released his second album, the fantastic, Kanye West-cameod Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager (due Nov. 9), but the singer revealed that he is already three songs into his third album at a listening party at New York's Don Hill's Wednesday night.

"I'm already working on my third album," Cudi the audience of media and friends.

"I'm doing a rock album, me and my man Dot Da Genius... the producer behind Day 'n' Nite... Our band is called Wizard. We got three songs that we already started to record on the tour bus... I'm teaching myself guitar so I'm playing guitar on every song... I never thought I could play an instrument," Cudi went on.

He also spoke out about the genuine nature of the Rager album, citing that it's "darker" than he anticipated, and all the problems he discusses are real.

"I know my cocaine problem is like a year and a half long, but some people be dealing with that shit for decades," Cudi said.

"People that have problems with alcohol, people that do real shit, I kind of use myself as a muse... my little shit will help some people get through their big shit."

Check out his speech, above.

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