Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Pantsuit So Nice...

...Cybill wore it twice!

Check out Cybill Shepherd sporting the same red pantsuit (and hair and watch and shoes) two years in a row - Sunday, at the "50 and Fabulous" Gala at the Pierre Hotel in New York, and in April 2009 at the "Evening With Women" event in Beverly Hills.

C definitely dropped some lbs since the first appearance - and we admire all of the great organizations she's a part of - but everyone remembers a BRIGHT RED PANTSUIT, b!

Recession or not!


  1. Don't they give away these things? Aren't the stars provided outfits? Or do they have to pick them out?

  2. Most stars get free swag.... If not, it is easily expensed. Cybill should know better!


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