Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pepper's 'Like a Surgeon' Tour Cuts Through NYC

We've always been huge fans of Pepper.

This is saying a lot, because we pretty much avoid jam bands like they avoid melodies!

So when we found out the Hawaii natives were coming to NYC on the "Like a Surgeon" tour, we were slightly horrified - but mostly excited.

The boys hit the stage at New York's Highline Ballroom Tuesday night for nearly two hours, performing jams like "Your Face" and "Wake Up" - in between shots of Jager.

The show started out with the band wearing scrubs and surgical masks - and ended with frontmen Bret Bollinger and Kaleo Wassman shirtless (this is a Pepper show after all).

But we weren't complaining!

13 years later, and this pair still have washboard abs!

Check out their performance of our favorite Pepper song, "Give It Up (Dirty Hot Sex)," above.

No judging k thanks.

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