Friday, October 15, 2010

Jerry Seinfeld and Colin Quinn's 'Long Story Short' Poised for Broadway

We're just one week away from the debut of Colin Quinn and director Jerry Seinfeld's one-man show Long Story Short - and the comedians are opening up about their stage experience, why Seinfeld was reluctant to play director, and the show's shockingly short 75-minute running time.

"[We] wanted to sell the idea of, we’re going to get you out of here," Seinfeld told reporters Tuesday during a press conference at the Snapple Theater Center in New York.

"We know that when most people go to a show, their first thought is, 'when am I getting out of here?'"

Seinfeld noted to reporters that he "didn't particularly want to direct" the show, "but we realized if I don't direct, we're going to have to meet a third person."

"We’re a little ornery when it comes to other people coming in," Quinn added.

Quinn also admitted he was surprised that Seinfeld was so engaging in show's direction, and asked where his stage experience had come from.

"I did a sitcom in the '90s," Seinfeld replied.


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