Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Avery Performs Unreleased Tracks in Orlando

Pop singer (and iTunes darling) Avery rocked an outstanding show at Orlando’s BackBooth last Wednesday!

The Phoenix native kept the audience on their feet with her huge voice and enthusiastic personality, performing unreleased tracks like "Good Times," "Romeo," and "Kisses From You."

The crowd went nuts when Avery sang her hit song "Love Me or Let Me Go," announcing that the track would be available for purchase on iTunes Monday - coincidentally the 16-year-old's birthday!

Next on Avery's agenda?

A road trip to Alabama to perform with Hannah Montana star Emily Osment.

Can't wait!

By Courtney Atias

[Photos by Rachel Faith Friedman]


  1. it was such a great show. good job courtney:)

  2. I really liked your blog article.Looking forward for more such stuff.


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