Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thorcraft Cobra Talk New EP, Living in L.A., and Understanding Guns N' Roses

Poison Ivy met up with Thorcraft Cobra's Billy Zimmer and Tammy Glover at New York's Houndstooth Pub last month to chat with the Los Angeles rock duo about their new EP, the key to understanding Guns N' Roses, and how they make it work as best friends in a band.

"It's always great to be able to show up with a beautiful tall blonde girl but not having the pressure of trying to impress her," Zimmer says, of hanging out with Glover.

"We met in other bands and were on the same label," Glover explained.

"I always admired his band and thought they had a really cool sensibility, so it seemed logical to work together."

TC's EP - an energetic, Foo Fighters-esque affair - has an inherently Los Angeles vibe, with tracks about everything from reluctance to commitment ("True Love") to a song about "Maxim models, cocaine, sex toys and the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department" ("I'm Not Sorry").

"That's the mellowest song on the record," Zimmer says.

"I guess I'm not into writing so much in metaphor or about characters."

"When I first moved to Los Angeles... the Guns N' Roses records... started to make complete sense to me. I always thought the records were absolutely amazing, but when you get to Los Angeles, you know exactly what they were getting at."

"L.A. can inspire to people to do great things, and the potential is there," Glover adds, referencing the darker elements on the record, "but of course it's a city of almost 10 million people, and not all of them are living their dream."

"Does Los Angeles mirror my own personal character flaws?" Zimmer said, sounding more like a statement than a question.

"Maybe the city and I are a good fit for each other."

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