Saturday, January 30, 2010

I SPY NY: John Travolta, Diddy and More

I spy in NY...

John Travolta, wife Kelly Preston and co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers at the From Paris With Love premiere Thursday at the Ziegfeld Theater (top photo), Diddy counting bills at DJ Enuff's birthday party last Sunday at Quo (middle photo), Beyonce supporting lil sis Solange Knowles during her Eldridge set Tuesday night (bottom photo), Wikipedia fans celebrating Wikipedia Day/Wikipedia's 9th anniversary at NYU's Kimmel Center last Sunday, and Chelsea Clinton hosting a spin class for Haiti relief with guest Kelly Ripa at SoulCycle Thursday.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tweet of the Night

"More people would watch the State of the Union Address if President Obama introduced a new gadget at the end. Just saying."

-John Mayer Tweets

Thursday, January 28, 2010

NBC Picks Up Two Conan O'Brien Pilots

Less than a week after Conan O'Brien was dropped as host of The Tonight Show, NBC has shockingly purchased two pilots from Conan O'Brien's production company, Conaco!

The first pilot, roughly titled Justice, will "follow a Supreme Court justice who quits to start his own legal practice."

The second is a multicamera comedy called The Pink House.

According to reports, the purchases had no part in O'Brien's $45 million exit strategy, and Conan & co. were shocked to hear the offers!

As are we!

New Default Alert

Lance Bass channels Adam Lambert in a recent photoshoot with Mike Ruiz.

We know for a fact Bass is on Facebook, so we expect to see that as a default ASAP!!!

Avatar Becomes Highest Grossing Movie of All Time

It's official!

Avatar has blown Titanic out of the water as the highest grossing movie of all time!!!

As of Sunday, Avatar has earned $1.292 billion worldwide, outselling Titanic by over $50 million!

James Cameron knows how to pick em!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"Big sales are really only great if you're a size zero or 14."

-Sarah Silverman rightfully Tweets

I SPY NY: America Ferrera, Josh Duhamel and More

I spy in NY...

America Ferrera arriving on the set (for the final season) of Ugly Betty Wednesday (top photo), Josh Duhamel posing with a fan taping an episode of Live with Regis and Kelly Tuesday (middle photo), Paul Sevigny hanging at Goldbar last Sunday (bottom photo), Lady Gaga dancing to "Bad Romance" at 1 Oak late Sunday night after her four-night stand at Radio City, Courtney Love shopping at Intermix in SoHo Monday, and Semi Precious Weapons dancing with Lady Starlight at the Hudson Hotel Thursday.

Susan Sarandon Spanks Pigs at Of Montreal Concert

This is for sure the weirdest item we're going to post this week.

Susan Sarandon hopped onstage during the Of Montreal concert Tuesday night at New York's Highline Ballroom, and proceeded to spank a bunch of dudes in pig costumes!

We have no clue who or what or how or why, but it's pretty hilarious.

Check out the action, at the 00:33 second mark, above.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tweet of the Night

"Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep. Sleep tight everyone!"

-Joel Madden Tweets

Cold War Kids Get Oceanic in "Audience" Video

Cold War Kids have released a video for fantastic first single "Audience" off of their just-released Behave Yourself EP.

"To create a story that is relevant to the song and yet builds something independent of the song is so tricky," says frontman Nathan Willet, of the underwater escapade that features the band's real-life girlfriends.

Check out their day at sea, above.

Semi Precious Weapons Rule Radio City

We were eager to see how Semi Precious Weapons would perform on the Lady Gaga tour at Radio City Music Hall this past weekend.

The glam-rocking, crowd-surfing band asked us to "make out, go crazy and pull out a tit" during their Webster Hall video shoot Friday night, but would Saturday's show bring the same chaos?

As it turns out, yes!

Possibly more!

"Let me see some tits for this tote bag!" singer Justin Tranter ordered the audience, before tossing free merch into the crowd.

SPW performed jams like "Magnetic Baby" and "Put a Diamond In It" for the Gaga-esque set, also opting to share a story about the night's headliner.

"The first time we played with Gaga it was 2006, 50 blocks downtown and there were about 12 people there," Tranter said. "But we felt like superstars."

"A couple of nights ago we got in trouble for feeding minors champagne," Tranter added, then popping a bottle of bubbly and feeding it to anyone in a 50-foot radius of the stage.

"Rules shouldn't stop you from having fucking fun."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"There is always gonna be someone who doesn't want you to win at life. And I say screw that guy."

-Paramore's Hayley Williams Tweets

Video: Jason Derulo Strips During "Whatcha Say" Performance

"How many of ya'll are single?" Jason Derulo asked the crowd at Radio City Music Hall Saturday night. The R&B crooner has been on tour with Lady Gaga for last month, and he wants us to know he's looking for a girlfriend.

"What if I met that special someone tonight?" Derulo continued, sending rows of girls into hysterics.

We're not gonna lie - after we saw Derulo move (particularly strip, at the 00:35 mark, above), we pretty much felt romantic feelings for the singer.

He's a gorgeous, likeable Chris Brown!

I SPY NY: Chace Crawford, Sting and More

I spy in NY...

Chace Crawford (you're welcome!) taking a hike on the Gossip Girl set in Queens Thursday (top photo), Sting performing, with Questlove on drums, at the Hope For Haiti Now benefit at Kaufman Studios in Queens Friday (middle photo), Kid Cudi rocking Irving Plaza Thursday night (bottom photo), Ivanka Trump catching one of the final performances of The Roundabout Theatre Company's Bye Bye Birdie Tuesday, and Tyson Beckford hanging out at Amnesia while DJ Cassidy mans the turntables Thursday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons Shoot Video at Webster Hall

It's been a great week for Brooklyn's Semi Precious Weapons. The band just completed a four-night stand at Radio City Music Hall opening for Lady Gaga, and on their day off, trekked over to New York's Webster Hall to shoot a music video for the Gaga-approved "Can't Pay My Rent But I'm Fucking Gorgeous" Friday night.

"We wanted to make a New York City fucking party video," frontman Justin Tranter told the crowd of glittered-up fans and friends. "So instead of hiring a bunch of ugly extras, we invited all of you gorgeous people."

Poison Ivy brought back a few videos of the shitshow - keep in mind that it was an open bar, and Tranter instructed the audience to "make out, go crazy, and pull out a tit!"

We know for a fact all of those requests were honored, JT!

Don't forget to FF to 00:36 to see guitarist Steve Pyne take an LOLtastic nosedive!

Tweet of the Night

"Off to the SAG awards. The wife is presenting. I'm wearing a scarf Paul McCartney gave me at the Globes. I couldn't feel cooler."

-William H. Macy Tweets

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball is Fearless in NYC

"This is our third of four dates together," Lady Gaga tells the beyond sold-out audience at Radio City Music Hall Saturday night. "So I'm not going to go all the way.

"But at least I can suck your dick and not feel like a slut."

It's in this moment that you realize that Lady Gaga is not Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera or Rihanna or Madonna, or any female performer you've ever seen, for that matter.

Gaga has balls. Nerve. Chutzpah. In one frame, she tells a success story ("I was just a brunette Italian girl from New York until I wrote a song that changed my life [Poker Face]") and in the next, she's dancing in a gyroscope, offering us oral sex. (Could Britney ever get away with such a statement?)

Gaga is talented. She writes astronomically catchy, platinum-selling pop songs, and at the ripe age of 23, has the pipes and piano skills to back them up.

More than anything she has though, Gaga has soul. She sits at the piano while ravaging through a stripped-down version of "Speechless," a song she wrote before her dad underwent heart surgery in 2009. She urges us to make purchases on on Sunday, January 24, all of which are going to Haiti. Gaga chokes up, discusses homelessness, and champions gay rights endlessly throughout her show. She's here to make music, but she wants the world to be a better place. Gaga is, well, a Lady.

Gaga's fans, "little monsters" as she calls them, cheer obscenely as they run through Radio City's aisles, decorated in lightning-bolt facepaints and legless leotards. The room looks like Halloween, but it's not. It's just another night in the Haus of Gaga.

"The freaks are outside, and we locked the doors," Gaga screams from the stage, segueing into ruby red lingerie for a pin-up performance of "Teeth." Did we mention she's covered in blood from a chest laceration?

Gaga's fascination with sex and violence stretches deep throughout her two-hour show - but the monsters remain unscathed. They know their Gaga best: shocking show, sweetest heart.

"I love my hometown so much," she says, reminding us of the time she "bled to death" at Radio City during a performance of "Paparazzi" at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"Everyone told me, you can't bleed to death on domestic television," she tells us. "Yes I can. Watch me."

This time, "Paparazzi" involves Lady Gaga being chained by her pigtails to a metal plank, as two backup dancers direct her every move.

"I'm kind of like Tinkerbell," she says, laying flat on the stage. "You know how Tinkerbell will die if you don't clap for her?"

It's this fearless honesty that makes Gaga endearing; her unabashed want to be loved - need to be loved - that separates her from the poker-faced pop tarts of her day.

Gaga closes the night in her trademark circular shades, flapping a set of glittered wings to "Bad Romance" as she smiles upon her crowd.

Lady Gaga is a monster, but we are not afraid.

[Photos by Ivy Jones]

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