Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"Loved Rome. It's one of those cities that's even better in real life. It makes me want to b old & grumpy with time on my hands. With a pipe"

-Mika Tweets

I SPY NY: Marc Jacobs, Molly Sims and More

I spy in NY...

Marc Jacobs hanging out with Poison Ivy at the French Institute Alliance Francaise "Fashion Talks" afterparty Wednesday night at Florence Gould Hall (top photo), Molly Sims (with Kelly Rutherford) celebrating the launch of new jewelry line Grayce at Henri Bendel Tuesday (middle photo), Jennifer Love Hewitt at the Esprit New York flagship store grand opening Tuesday (bottom photo), and Sheryl Crow performing at Hammerstein Ballroom Monday night in conjunction with Crystal Light and The Nature Conservancy.

[Marc Jacobs photo by Junenoire Mitchell]

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"Why do people chew gum like fing cows??"

-Tabatha Coffey Tweets

John Varvatos, Anthony DeCurtis Remember Jim Marshall

It was a sad day in rock and roll Wednesday, as iconic rock photographer Jim Marshall was found dead in his New York hotel room.

Marshall was best-known for his iconic portraits of 60s and 70s superstars (The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, to name a few), and was scheduled to discuss his new book Match Prints - alongside photographer Timothy White - with writer Anthony DeCurtis (second photo) Wednesday night at the John Varvatos store in SoHo.

Instead, White, DeCurtis and Varvatos gathered at the store to celebrate the life of their friend - inviting folks like Mick Rock and Meghan McCain (third photo) to also pay tribute.

"He was a man of very few words and most of them were 'fuck,' White said, of the photographer's notably stormy spirit.

"Even if you were at the Monterey Pop Festival, when you thought about it, what you thought about was Jim's pictures," DeCurtis said, introducing a solemn tone. "There are works of art that are truer than experience, and I think Jim's work was like that."

Check out clips of their emotional homages, below.

The Donnas Invade New York with Rock 'n' Roll Classics

"This is our first show of 2010," The Donnas frontwoman Brett Anderson tells the crowd at New York's Highline Ballroom Wednesday night.

"The last time we played New York was in August in Brooklyn, and it was ten minutes. That show was a warm-up for this show."

But The Donnas hardly need a warm-up. The Palo Alto foursome formed in middle school in 1993 and have sky-rocketed to success in the last decade - soundtracking flicks like Mean Girls and The Hangover - and earning a coveted spot on Guitar Hero with breakout single "Take It Off." The punk veterans latest gig? Opening for Blondie and Pat Benatar on their national tour (hence, the ten-minute Brooklyn slot.)

Wednesday's show was a headlining, sold-out affair - with the girls playing nearly two hours of hits, including "Wasted," "Friends Like Mine," "Smoke You Out," "Who Invited You," and Guitar Hero cult favorite "Take It Off."

We were so excited to see The Donnas back in their element.... The Blondie/Benatar amphitheater tour was a ball but these ladies belong in raging clubs with fans screaming along to every word!

Check out what we mean during their performance of "Take It Off" below, and view our favorite snapshots from the night, above.

[Photos by Esquire Photo Coordinator Whitney Tressel]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tweet of the Night

"Nothing like a communist-red teacup to make for the perfect Birthday gift. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough."

-Lady Gaga Tweets

Metro Station Break Up

Reports that pop rock band Metro Station had broken up were confirmed Thursday afternoon through co-frontman Trace Cyrus' Twitter.

"The rumors are true," the half-brother of Miley Cyrus Tweeted. "Unfortunetly (sic) Metro Station is no longer together. We had an amazing run, toured the world, and I loved every minute."

Metro Station formed in 2006 when co-frontman Mason Musso (brother of Disney Channel star Mitchel Musso) met Cyrus on the set of Hannah Montana. The band made a splash in 2009 with the double-platinum hit "Shake It," and recently had a song, "Where's My Angel," featured on the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.

"Thank you to all the fans that have supported MS and I," Cyrus Tweeted. "You have changed my life. I promise I will always continue making music. I will be releasing my own music very soon. With a new band name. I'm excited for this new path in my life but sad to say bye to MS."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"Stop concentrating on what others think of u.....“we're here 4 a good time, not a long time!! (#truth)"

-Rev Run Tweets

Marc Jacobs Talks Kilts, Anxiety, and Getting Fired From Perry Ellis at FIAF Forum

Marc Jacobs is arguably the hardest working designer in fashion, overseeing a multi-billion (yes, billion) dollar namesake brand internationally, while also holding post as creative director of Louis Vuitton, relocating to Paris six months a year. So when we heard that the French Institute Alliance Francaise was arranging an interview between Jacobs and the Museum at FIT’s Deputy Director Patricia Mears at Florence Gould Hall Monday night, you know we jumped.

Jacobs shared his story of success and triumph with the few hundred eager spectators in the room - also getting personal with the crowd about what he finds sexy, the things he talks to his shrink about, and why he's so fascinated with kilts.

On the moment he knew he wanted to be a fashion designer: I recognized my love for fashion when my grandmother took me shopping for back-to-school clothes at a very early age. I was so keen on what t-shirts I had to have and what pants I had to have and tying them together. Around 12 or 13, I decided that I wanted to be a designer. I started looking at fashion magazines and becoming fascinated by people on the streets of New York. I had no real dreams of being anything else. I think once I wanted to be a veterinarian when my cat was sick, at age 8. It was a passing moment.

On his first commercial success: My final project [in college at Parsons] were these three over-sized sweaters with patterns inspired by different pop artists. Barbara Weister and I created this label Marc and Barbara, and we produced 350 of these hand-knit sweaters, and she sold them to fine specialty stores that she had a relationship with. It was the first thing I had done that was mass-produced. At that time, Bill Cunningham from the New York Times was covering trends on the street and I remember that season there were several pictures of women wearing my hand-knit sweater and Jean Paul Gaultier's sweater with floral embroidery. Half the pictures were of my sweater and half the pictures were of his. That was the beginning of my commercial career. 

On getting fired from Perry Ellis: There were a lot of reasons. I was hired as the head of the women's division for Perry Ellis America... People love to attribute that this grunge collection [we made in 1992] was so controversial and outrageous, but... very often a designer collection isn't really the money-maker. It's more what keeps the image of the company. So, we did this grunge collection and somewhere just after, they decided they didn't want to continue... In the moment I didn't look at it as a great opportunity, but it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. [My business partner] Robert Duffy and I decided, some drunken night, that we would take our severance package from Perry Ellis and rent a very small studio on 113 Spring Street, hire one pattern-maker and two sewers. And they're still with us today.

On anxiety during obstacles: Robert and I have faced so many challenges. We've certainly been in the position where one or the other wanted to throw in the towel. Usually it's one of us at a time, so one convinces the other to keep going... I am like a broken record. Every single season I say - I don't know what we're going to do this time. There are no ideas left. This is going to be a disaster. My shrink hears it every week. Then I realize... it's a process. It's a journey. We can't get to Z without going from A to - whatever comes before Z.

On his favorite designer: My answer to that question changes quite a bit. I do think Ralph Lauren is the greatest American designer. The world that Ralph has created is just flawless. My greatest hero in fashion will probably always be Yves Saint Laurent... a very different role but an artistic expression that's so dark and decadent. The glamour of that is more appealing to me on a fashion level.

On his work style: I react in a very personal way to music, what I've seen that day, what I don't like... There's no plan. We're very impulsive. I love cliches. I like things that are awkward. But what that means within a given season, I don't know. It's really quite bizarre, the whole thing.

On living in Paris half the year to work for Louis Vuitton: I love Paris so much. Going to Paris for the first time is like losing your virginity. Even if it's bad... it only happens once. I cried insanely when I had to leave because I felt that I should have been born in Paris and it was a mistake. 

On what constitutes 'sexy': I don't find clothes sexy at all. I just don't find inanimate objects sexy. I find people sexy and I find personalities sexy... A sexy girl wrapped in a sheet is a sexy girl, and an un-sexy girl in a low-cut dress is still an un-sexy girl.

On using celebrities in ads: It doesn't interest me very much, that whole world of dressing celebrities. My friend Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth was onstage in my dress [and I said] can we take a picture of that and use it as an ad? We do our job and if someone wants it, they come to us.

On his fascination with kilts: I was having one of those days one summer where I didn't think we were going to have a show, and [there was not one] idea left in the world, and I asked my assistant Casey to go to Barney's and buy me a funny pair of pants. 'Something that will put me in a good mood.' And he came back with this kilt. And I loved it so much that... I think I've worn jeans three times in the past two years. I don't know how this happened but I really love wearing skirts.

On getting ready: I love that whole moment of taking care of yourself. Of showering and putting on lotions and then choosing an outfit. It's such a glorious, beautiful process... A few years ago I used to be the type of person that would be ready in five minutes and I didn't care what I looked like. Now it takes me two hours. No one understands what I'm doing in two hours and then I emerge wearing the same thing I've worn every day.

On the art world: I love art, literature, music, good wine, good food... I want to enjoy the best life has to offer. I was very intimated by the art world for so long... I felt I didn't understand, and a few years ago, something happened and I just kind of got over this intimidation. I realized, there's no such thing as right or wrong. Understanding is an individual thing. There was what I liked and what I didn't like. But I could never call myself an artist. That would be pretentious. But if you want to call me an artist...

On giving advice to an aspiring entrepreneur: I prefer never to give advice. If advice were a good thing it would be sold instead of given. I [like to] share my experiences and hope there's something there for someone.

On the future: I just hope and pray that I always have this passion, and no matter how tough things get or whatever challenges life presents... If I still have this passion and the people around me have this passion, I can continue doing what I'm doing.

I SPY NY: Michael Buble, Josh Madden and More

I spy in NY...

Michael Buble rocking a sold-out Madison Square Garden Saturday night (top photo), Josh Madden spinning at the Red Bull Arena opening party Saturday night (middle photo), Stephanie Pratt and Jonathan Cheban having dinner at Prime Grill Monday night (bottom photo), Bobby Flay hanging out at the New York City Opera Spring Gala Thursday night, and DJs Eric Prydz and Sebastien Leger spinning at Nokia Theatre Saturday night.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Exclusive: Usher to Perform on Good Morning America Tuesday, March 30

Poison Ivy can exclusively confirm that Usher will be performing live on Good Morning America on Tuesday, March 30!

Usher will perform songs off of his forthcoming record Raymond v. Raymond, marking one of the singer's first televised performances since his divorce from ex-wife Tameka Foster in November.

The show will be broadcast live from Nokia Theatre in Times Square, and only Poison Ivy has free tickets to offer our readers!

Click here to enter to win.

Tweet of the Day

"Just finished running the LA marathon. Oops. Sorry. Type-o. What I meant 2 type was I just ate a burger/fries at The Counter."

-Dane Cook Tweets

Ben Folds Impersonates Chatroulette Singer During N.C. Concert

Many folks speculated that Chatroulette pianist Merton - who serenades unexpecting strangers by singing them personalized tunes - was actually singer Ben Folds. But Folds dispelled that rumor Saturday night during a Charlotte, North Carolina concert by impersonating Merton and singing to unexpecting users himself!

Check out the hilarity, above.

Mariah Carey Scraps Remix Album

Mariah Carey has canceled a forthcoming remix album titled Angels Advocate, according to fansite Mariah Daily Journal.

"[We are] able to confirm that the Angels Advocate album, a Remixed edition of Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel will not be released," reads a statement on the site.

"According to Mariah's management, the album will not be put out in the regular album fashion but they are working on releasing some singles off the album. 'It won't go to waste,' we were assured. We are looking to go possibly to another studio album or Christmas album. The decision hasn't been totally made yet. It's a creative process that cannot be rushed."

A rep for Carey has confirmed that notion, citing "we've released a few of Mariah's hot remixes on iTunes and Mariah's back in the studio working on some new surprises."

M.I.A. Announces NYC, L.A. Shows

M.I.A. has announced a pair of shows this summer: July 17 at Los Angeles State Historic Park at Hardfest and July 24th in NYC (ticket info TBA).

The singer caused a stir in June 2008 when she announced her retirement from music during a Bonnaroo performance - only to perform at the 2009 Grammys and recently Tweet about a forthcoming June record.

We love M.I.A., but we can't believe a thing she says!

Daughtry Covers Billy Idol at Baltimore Show

We can't stop watching this fantastic cover of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" by Daughtry Thursday night at Baltimore's First Mariner Arena.

Check it out, above, and let us know what you think.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I SPY NY: Beyonce, Elton John and More

I spy in NY...

Beyonce popping onstage at Alicia Keys' Madison Square Garden concert Wednesday night (top photo), Elton John and David Furnish at the premiere afterparty of their fantastic new broadway Next Fall at The Royalton Hotel last Wednesday (middle photo), Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez celebrating his 32nd birthday last Saturday at his Middletown home with family and friends (bottom photo), and Mary J. Blige covering Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and "Whole Lotta Love" during a free Degree concert in Times Square Monday morning with Travis Barker, Randy Jackson and Orianthi.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everlast: "It's Been a Long Time Since We've Let Them Put 'House of Pain' on a Marquee"

"It's been a long time since we've let them put 'House of Pain' on a marquee," says former House of Pain emcee Everlast. "Now we're part of a new movement called La Coka Nostra."

The rapper was sharing his story with New York's Nokia Theatre Thursday night - and he wanted to make a few things clear.

"This is not a hip-hop group," he said of La Coka Nostra, which he created in 2005 with DJ Lethal, Danny Boy, Ill Bill and Slaine. "We're just trying to say what we think."

LCN played dozens of jams for the hip-hop crowd - embracing their Irish roots just a day after St. Patricks Day by delving into fan favorites "It's a Beautiful Thing," "That's Coke," and a fantastic intro for LCN mastermind Danny Boy.

Check it out, above.

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