Saturday, December 18, 2010

Video: Paula DeAnda Celebrates Birthday with Greenhouse Performance

It's a great night to be a New Yorker!

The gorgeous and very talented Paula DeAnda got on the mic Thursday at Greenhouse to deliver a special birthday performance for the unsuspecting crowd!

In the house watching were DJ Alan Liao and nightlife coordinator Madi Assouline.

Check out a snippet of DeAnda performing her hit "Doing Too Much," above.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Train, O.A.R. Headline PLJ Holiday Bash

We had a great time at the 95.5 WPLJ Holiday Bash Wednesday at Best Buy Theater in Times Square!

Steven Van Zandt hit the stage for God sakes!!

We also got to see the fantastic Train perform the best-selling song of 2010, and the new Coca-Cola commercial-ed "Shake Up Christmas" (videos of both, below).

"How do you top Steven Van Zandt?" Train frontman Patrick Monahan asked from the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Bieber!" he then jokingly shouted, motioning toward the stage entrance.

O.A.R. closed the show with tracks like "Shattered (Turn the Car Around)," "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker," and a less-than-confident first-time performance of "Instant Karma!" (check it out, above).

More video snippets from the night, below.

Tweet of the Night

"Thank God for real people. I can only be around bullshit for so long."

-Chris Crocker Tweets

I SPY NY: Paul McCartney, Sofia Coppola, and more

I spy in NY...

Paul McCartney performing a two-hour set at the Sirius XM concert at a snowy Apollo Theater Monday (top photo), Sofia Coppola talking about her new film Somewhere at the Meet The Filmmakers Q&A at the Apple Store Soho Thursday (middle photo), Reese Witherspoon doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at Barney's Friday (bottom photo), Ben Folds rocking at Beacon Theater Tuesday, Steve Martin desperately trying to hail a cab on the Upper West Side Wednesday, and Poison Ivy rapping on a track with Jared Matthew Weiss at Premier Studios Wednesday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"I think this store needs a self-confidence boost."

-Ellen DeGeneres Tweets

Steven Van Zandt Plays Surprise Set with Ryan Star at Radio Show

Guitar legend Steven Van Zandt joined rocker Ryan Star onstage Wednesday night for a surprise performance during 95.5 WPLJ's Holiday Bash at Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

Van Zandt lent riffs to Star's "Start a Fire," while Star's full set included tracks "Brand New Day," "Back of Your Car," and (what else?) a cover of "Bed Intruder."

"One of my idols on the stage, tonight is the night of dreams coming true!" Star shouted from the stage.

Check out our favorite pics from the collaboration, above.

[Photos by SM Photography

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"Learn to forgive. You can never be happy with anger or bitterness in your heart...."

-Ludacris Tweets

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patrick Stump Cleans Up for Solo Album

Holy hell!!

We barely recognized Patrick Stump in his new promo photo for his upcoming February release Soul Punk.

Homeboy looks fierce!!!!

The former Fall Out Boy singer announced his new record earlier this year, and is now giving some details about the title and production.

"Neither I nor my music seem comfortably defined by the DIY punk or R&B/hip-hop scenes," Stump said in a press release.

"I feel like I operate between the margins. I want to contribute to the musical vernacular of both. I'm just as pissed off as I was while screaming in punk bands, but I feel like I'm directing it into something positive and centered around love."

Name aside, Soul Punk is the ultimate solo effort, with Stump writing all the music and lyrics, producing it himself, and playing all instruments (drums, bass, piano, electric and acoustic guitar, analog synths, percussion, trumpet, alto and tenor saxophone, mandolin, guitelele, the list goes on).

Stump does want some collaboration in one area, though.

He's inviting fans to choose between two versions of his song "Spotlight" (an upbeat track titled "New Regrets" or a more downtrod "Oh Nostalgia") to make the cut for the album.

Vote for your favorite version of "Spotlight" here.

Coen Brothers Talk True Grit, Intimidating Javier Bardem, and the Compulsion of Making Movies

The notoriously tight-lipped Ethan and Joel Coen hit the Apple Store Soho Monday for a Q&A about their new movie True Grit with Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers.

"It's impossible for us to enjoy a movie," said Ethan.

"[We] work on it for a year and a half... We're so sick of it... Well, the pay is good. It's like life. It's a little bleak."

"I don't know what we're trying to do... you make all these movies. Why?" Joel said, when a young fan in the audience asked what the pair seeks to achieve from making films.

The combination of dodginess and stoic was penetrable, but seemingly rang true to the thematic darkness of their films.

"You only make movies out of compulsion, and once they're passed, you're like, I'm glad that's over," Ethan responded, when a member of the audience asked which film they were most proud of over the course of their career.

Check out some more answers responses from their interview with Travers, below.

On remaking 1969's True Grit: "We knew that the movie had a reputation and an image, and it's kind of a threshold decision about whether to proceed despite that, and once you have, you've sort of jumped off the cliff and you can [say], that decision was made, so let's not dwell on it." [Joel]

On why they chose to turn Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men into a film: "[We thought], this could be a movie, unlike some of his other stuff. It's much pulpier... It actually has a plot in many ways his others don't." [Ethan]

On why they get along so well as co-directors: "It's like any other collaboration, you proceed from a point of view about the material, which is pretty much in sync otherwise you couldn't have gotten as far as the first day of shooting. Because... you're proceeding from a fairly close in-sync point of view about the material, there's not that pretense of advice or editing or opinion when it comes to what we're telling the actors. I'm not saying that you choose any two people and you bring them through that process that that's going to happen, but after however long since we've been doing this, about 25 years, it's really not much of an issue." [Joel]

On how they direct the actors: "To tell you the truth, we don't talk to the actors much. Most of the time we spend on the set with the actors, 98% of it is socializing." [Ethan]

On any actors who were intimidated to make suggestions to them: "I'm trying to think of any actor who's ever suggested something to us... um... [laughs]... Javier [Bardem] was terrified of us. There's one." [Joel]

Watch their bit about Bardem's fear, below.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Photos: Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and More at the Z100 Jingle Ball

We've had worse nights!!

Check out our photos from the most pop-tastic night of the year Z100 Jingle Ball presented by H&M Friday at Madison Square Garden, featuring (from top): Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Paramore, Travie McCoy, presenters Kim Kardashian and Emily Osment, Taio Cruz, B.o.B.'s Bobby Ray Simmons, Jaden Smith, Enrique Iglesias, Sean Kingston, Michael Buble and Selena Gomez! PHEW!

If you want to relive missed the Jingle Ball, be sure to tune in to Fuse this Thursday, December 16 at 9P ET, where they will be televising the entire show for the first time ever!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maino Performs at CV One-Year Anniversary

Brooklyn rapper Maino dropped by Lower East Side lounge CV Saturday night to help celebrate the one year anniversary of the hotspot!

M performed hit songs "Million Bucks" (Swizz Beatz) and "All the Above," while guests soaked up the open bar.

Check out our photos of the night, above.

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