Friday, January 14, 2011

Video: Lucinda Black Bear Talk Springsteen, Lazy Journalism, and NYC's Impact on Music

Poison Ivy recently spent a Friday night at 92Y Tribeca with Lucinda Black Bear's Christian Gibbs, Chad Hammer and Mike Cohen.

We chatted with the boys about the musical impact of New York, how it feels to cover Springsteen in New Jersey, and why they wish it was winter all year round.

Check out our highlights, above!


  1. "If the world were truly utopian, there would be far more bands making
    music like Lucinda Black Bear. Moreover, if this New York City
    collective does not turn heads in the next few months, there is
    something criminally wrong with the status of popular music in America." --AbsolutePunk

  2. Lucinda Black Bear today, tomorrow and forever!

  3. I should have added that I can hear some of their music played in the interview, but their website has full tracks:


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