Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Look From London' Leggings Invade NY

Leggings retailer Look from London celebrated their site launch Monday at Madame X in New York's Greenwich Village, and Poison Ivy chatted up owner Tony Taylor about his inspiration for the line.

Taylor admits that although he created the company while living in London, it was ultimately inspired by the New York woman.

"You don't have to look far for inspiration in New York," Taylor said.

The designer and part-time Reggae musician grew up in a home with four sisters and a mother, and recalled hearing his mother scream every morning when her tights would rip.

"It made me want to create a legging that would stand out and be long-lasting," he said.

LFL Marketing Director Moki Andrea Cezario (top photo, right) then commented to Poison Ivy that she purchased the leggings she was sporting nearly six years ago.

"Maybe that's a bad thing [for business]," Taylor joked. 

"You buy one pair and it lasts forever." 

[Photos by Benjamin Gustafsson for Guest of a Guest]

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