Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miike Snow, A-Trak shake up Downtown Music Festival

"This is our last show before we go away to finish our record," says Miike Snow frontman Andrew Wyatt.

"So thank you for being with us."

The Swede rockers - who just completed a grueling 250-show international tour - sealed the stretch at Terminal 5's Downtown Music 5th year anniversary Festival Saturday, rocking a foggy, strobe-fueled set that made us pray no one in the audience was epileptic.

The performance included classics like "Black and Blue," "Silvia," and a cover of Vampire Weekend's "Kids Don't Stand a Chance," which had the second and third tiers of T5 shaking like a hipster at Forever 21.

Santigold took the stage for an uncomfortably brief set earlier in the night along with Major Lazer, and Friday night's guests included folks like A-Trak, White Denim and Art Brut.

Poison Ivy trekked to the Hudson Hotel for the Downtown Records after-party after, where we danced alongside cats like A-Trak and Dave 1 in a dubstep haze.

Check out a third-tier video of Santi's performance below, and photos courtesy of Hi Fi Cartel, above.

[Photos by Marjana Jaidi/Hi Fi Cartel]

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