Monday, May 2, 2011

Cyndi Lauper speaks out for gay rights


Cyndi Lauper was feeling very passionate at the "RLife Live" True Colors Fund event Thursday at the R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel in New York, where she spoke candidly and emotionally about gay rights with Poison Ivy.

"Things got really rough in a certain administration, and they started preaching hate," Lauper told P.I.
"All my friends from the [LGBT] community were talking about leaving our country. And at that point, I decided, we have to do something. We have to stand up for each other. We need to have our country, which is the land of the free and the brave enough to be free. Either we are all free or we are not. You can't say freedom for all, except for you guys over there. Because once you start doing that, everybody's rights are up for grabs. That's what people forget. Look at the history. That's how it starts. A scapegoat, always another scapegoat. But this community is always [a] scapegoat, and it should not be. These are people who work beside us, they are members of our family, they are our friends, and they contribute so much to our country. I have a lot of passion about this. Very concerned about politicians targeting the lowest common denominator, as opposed to our highest purpose, using fear, racism and homophobia, and lack of education to rule the masses." 
"I don't want to tell people what to think, but I want them to think," Lauper concluded.


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