Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spike Lee, Ray Romano honored at Peabody Awards

Poison Ivy was humbled to attend the 70th annual Peabody Awards Monday, where folks like Spike Lee, Ray Romano, Timothy Olyphant, Martin Scorcese and Patrick Stewart were honored for their achievements in media.

Emcee Larry King hosted the esteemed ceremony, while certain folks admittedly didn't know much about it.

"The first thing I did when I found out we won a Peabody Award was Google 'Peabody Award,'" Romano admitted.


Congrats, all!


  1. Timothy Olyphant deserved the Peabody Award for his superior acting in "Justified." He was also superb in "Deadwood" on HBO a few years ago. What he brings now to "Justified" is nothing short of brilliance in his acting, he is the perfect fit for his character, a U.S. Marshal. The show is so tightly and well written, one cannot wait for each weekly show to come on. It creates watercooler talk, text talk, all in my family loves it, I have a few friends who watched it because of my promoting it. Rush Limbaugh absolutely talks the show up on the air. The other characters who are regulars are chosen as perfectly as Mr. Olyphant was, for their undertstanding their characters, and going forth with interpretations of hardscrabble men and women who fight for what they want in Harlan County, KY., an extremely rough place in which to live. There was a fantastic actress who played Mags Bennett, a drug dealer in the backwoods, who would fight to stop anybody from keeping her and her shady sons from their business. You owe it to yourselves to watch 2nd season reruns, if they come back on. Superb show, another one we all have to see each week, just as with "24" with Keifer Sutherland. One of the characters is acted by Walton Goggins, originally on The Shield; Boy, is he simply astonishing in his characterization of the role of a good guy who takes wrong turns. The show itself is full of twists and turns, so good each week, you find yourself on edge of your seat. It's so much like 24 was, you just live for it each week, then discuss it with family and friends. Great choice for Peabody Award! Olyphant reminds me of a younger Clint Eastwood in his approach to his character such as Clint's Dirty Harry character. Watch it, you'll love it!!

  2. Congratulations to Ray Romano for creating his show "Men of a Certain Age." Its richness of characters, the actors who play the 3 middle-age men, other actors in the show. all were so perfectly cast, the show is a drama with some humor in it. One male character is separated, soon to be divorced, starts dating, and struggles with being new to that. My son is a recently divorced 52 yr. old, still adjusting to a single life, just beginning to date some, after a separation of two yrs, not divorced yet. He watches and loves the show, partly due to subject matter, but to the 3 main actors/characters. Its so enjoyable to watch, see where the 3 men's lives take them. Young people may not relate to the 3 men in show, but most men whom had setbacks in their lives will see themselves in 1 or 2, perhaps all 3 characters. There are girlfriends, live-in girlfriend at times, and a wife for one character. Its a clean show, no cursing. Just superb drama. Kudos to Mr. Romano for co-creating it. Kudos for his Peabody Award for excellence in Broadcasting for the
    "Mem of a Certaim Age." Ray Romano rocks !!!



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